Sunday, October 26, 2014

white cliffs of dover & canterbury + more.

Last tuesday we took our day trip to Dover and Canterbury. I was really looking forward to this trip! We all know about my obsession with stained glass windows {thanks hannah} and Canterbury Cathedral has one of the biggest collection of still-existing medieval stained glass in England {thanks King Henry VIII}. Also... the WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER. c'mon. my family played guitar hero every year for 5 years. cliff of dover? it's a classic song. Dover castle was one of my favorite castles, too. It was decorated in the period style, which is a first! It's more fun walking around a decorated castle than walking around a cold, stone-walled castle.

White cliffs of Dover ^^

Dover Castle!

It was SO windy. we're talking 40 mph windy. it was insane.
awh. these girls though.

Awesome Norman church!
Other obsession: Mosaics.
Cool mosaic in the norman church!

After we spent the morning in Dover, we drove to Canterbury. We got to tour the Canterbury Cathedral. Now, before I came to England I don't think I really understood cathedrals. Now it's safe to say that I have toured at least 20, and I still love all of them. But some are better than others. And Canterbury definitely ranks next to Salisbury! I've loved learning about the importance of Canterbury in British History {Archbishop of Canterbury, anyone?} After the cathedral, we roamed the town, ate some awful crepes, and then hopped on the bus back home! 

And that was our day trip!

So, random- one problem/bonus of traveling in large groups of girls? When we take pictures, it's all on different cameras. So I don't have tons of pictures this week, but I'll insert some later!

Our london excursion for the week {yes. "london excursion" means going somewhere in london and not having class that day. win.} was going to Hampton Court, which was one of Henry VIII's houses. It was pretty cool... plus there were people dressed up walking around and you could ask them about history. or you could follow them and meet the king. which is what hannah and I did!

my goal in life is to have a personal chocolate maker.

if I'm every really, REALLY rich, I will join the hampton court tennis club.
actually I won't, because that would be the biggest waste of money, ever. but whatever.
We also tried out a new market yesterday! and along with the new market, we got the best donuts in the world. at least the best donuts I've ever had, and I'm not a huge donut fan.

And a birthday card for Prof B.

Lastly... MIDTERMS. what can I say? they're no worse than last year. except that doing homework while living in london is about 18937082756 times harder than in Provo.

I got to write a paper about Renoir's The Skiff. The best part? Writing a paper on a painting... then going to the National Gallery to see the original painting. it's the best.

And that's my week!

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  1. Dover castle looks beautiful!! And there's nothing like that kind of sea views. Hampton court looks so cool too. I haven't travelled much in England, I've been there a few times but only to travel to and from melodeon workshops. So I've seen trains, buses and melodeon players. I was a few days in Oxford once, though. That's another place you should visit if you haven't already!