Monday, October 13, 2014

london walk assignments + random things.

guess what? I thought a extra-full course load plus a social life was rough. You know what's worse? 12 credits and living in London. It's not like the classes are hard, they're just a ton of work//reading. We have class in the morning, then the afternoon is devoted to doing something around london {running errands, touring BUCKINGHAM PALACE HOLLA, or doing our London Walks assignments}, then dinner, then we {I} do homework all night. I guess I can't complain because I'm living in LONDON of all places, I'm just giving an explanation why blogging has literally been my bottom priority. We are heading out this week to visit Preston, the Lake District, Wales, and so much more! Since I have completely failed at blogging, I have a million pictures to share! So since I didn't want to make a huge blog post, I've divided them up and scheduled them to publish this week {because I know you were super worried about how I was going to catch up the world with my adventures. aka my mom. hi mom!}. It's gonna be the bomb because they're the posts that are showing how I've quite quickly fallen in love with this place. I'm never going home. unless they start selling peanut butter kit kats in the US. then I might think about it.

So: let's talk about our london walks. They are magnificent and force us around in London! I also love them because they're just another excuse to walk around laughing with the girls from the program, whom {who?} I truly adore.

We went to the British Museum. Are we going to drop out of college to become models? possibly.


These girls, man.

just really confused why there's giant leaves in the park.

just the typical "english major" pose. 

Lauren and big ben!

they're on a lion.

Borough market lunch! Mine looks gross, but it was actually the greatest thing ever. homemade pasta, guys.

borough market was a little busy.

oh hey there shakespeare.

street performers!

Tower Bridge!

Hays Market and some cool london babes.

We officially decided to all drop out of college so we can become like this lady and blow bubbles on the street. it sounds like a much better life route.


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