Wednesday, October 15, 2014

wicked and london walks.

as you can tell, this week we have 5 more london walk assignments due {yep, I already posted them}. so far, I've spent the last couple days doing homework, london walks, and writing a paper. crazy fun, let me tell you. however, we decided to take a break and go see Wicked! It was the first Broadway musical I've ever scene, and I loved it even more here! British accents, people, British accents. oh, and also... WE GOT FRONT ROW SEATS. yay for student priced tickets.

alright: update on life...

>>> The only things I miss {besides my family and friends of course} are my mom's cooking {dad. I want an elk steak}, ranch dressing {seriously, does england not have ranch dressing??}, pumpkin {it's october and not a pumpkin flavored dessert within sight}, and stars {I thought I could live in cities...}. but other than that, I'm never coming home. sorry. oh. also mexican food. cafe rio. please.

>>> I may miss my mom's cooking, but fear not future BYU Londoners, the centre cook is AMAZING. {sophomore seven is coming from the 14351 rolls I eat every single day. at least I like runs through hyde park right? and we walk 50 billion miles a day?}

>>> Sometimes I remember that I'll be in Russia a year from now. and I freak out. less than three months!!! {confession: I listen to Let it Go in Russian at least once a day}

>>> London has taught me something: shoes are important. suits are important. so many nice shoes on people here. so many well-fitting suits. I can't go home {sorry BYU boys.} See Aimee's london walk. {and yes, I was laughing the entire walk while she snapped creeper pictures} Yeah, so it's weird, but true. 35 college girls and only 5 boys. what can you expect?

>>> Hi. yes. I love downtown london. dream goal is to do my internship here. will it happen? nope, because hashtag too poor. but oh well. I still love it.

>>> I've fallen into an awful habit of not fixing my hair. guys, it's making study abroad pictures rough. I used to look at other people's study abroad pictures and think "wow, these girls look like a mess!" but now I understand why. I think I'm always tired. but SO WORTH IT. what's sleep? {just kidding mom, I get 12 hours of sleep a night! so much sleep! ...kinda...} plus it's humid here. plus... mission call.   all in all... some of my pictures aren't the best. just roll with it (:

>>> England is amazing. London is fantastic. My life is incredible.

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