Monday, March 31, 2014

friendly reminder that I live{d} here.

Last night, I came across this post about why Colorado is the best state {read it. just do it.}. I mean, I can't vouch for #10, but the other reasons are perfection. If you haven't visited Colorado, you are missing out!

The pictures above are the only real evidence of Colorado on my computer, so that's probably why I use them for everything. But guys, I LIVE IN THIS PLACE. I four wheeled there. Colorado is the best state, and if you don't think so, you're wrong {I'm just kidding! ...kind of...}

Take me home.

Except don't, because I also really, really like college and all of my friends here.


I would also venture to say that Western Colorado is even better than Colorado overall {AKA the side of Colorado with all the mountains} but I may be biased.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

festival of colors, dances, and other adventures.

The last two weeks in a list of 11...
1. Festival of Colors!
guess what? yesterday I crowd surfed. true story. granted, it was not by choice, but it still happened. Also, I got to spend the afternoon with all of these wonderful people and it was a blast:

{p.s. I completely stole this picture from Dylan. shout out to him for taking it}
If you have no idea what's going on, here's a video from the Holi fest a couple years ago:

I'm pretty sure that my throat may be permanently coated in colored chalk, but it was definitely worth it. I had heard that the Holi fest wasn't all it was talked up to be. lies. We were only planning to stay for one color throw and a few songs... and three color throws later we finally left! It was an afternoon well spent, that's for sure.

2. Wyld Lyfe [sic] dance {BYU has a lot of dances, in case you haven't noticed} It may have been the best one yet.

you know, just exploring the wild.
3. McDonald's until 3 a.m. it's a college thing.

here, have a shameless selfie with Erik Mika: {he's sitting by the window}

4. Relief Society/Hall pictures

There's a reason these girls are my favorite. plus, living in the same hall as them is perfection.

5. Summary of my past two weeks in a single picture {besides the previous activities, of course...}

introducing my snapchats {symbolizing 99% of my life}, my friends.
6. The worst news ever.

I have less than a month left at BYU. I've had so much fun and I am nowhere-near ready for it to end! Will it be nice to not always have a test to study for or a paper to write? yeah. But as much as I miss Colorado and my parents and summer {and having a job/income} and adventures with Kelsey, I don't want freshmen year to end! Especially since most of the people that have made this year so great are leaving on missions and I won't see them for 1.5/2 years.

Where the heck did this year go??

7. I may never tweet again.

Ryan is in town and so I'm spending the night up at my sister's house {and my mom is in town too!}. We spent part of last evening reading my tweets out loud and critiquing them. There is a very large chance that I will never tweet again, strictly out of the embarrassment that came with this said activity.

8. MHS is on spring break. BYU doesn't have a spring break. Just thought I'd tell you that little sad fact, in case you were wondering {or if you were complaining about your break being too short. cough cough}

9. Dorm pranks are fun, ladies & gentlemen.
{I hope recycling was involved in the clean up process...}

10. March Madness: 3rd place.

I'm sure this doesn't come as a surprise, but I know nothing about basketball. absolutely nothing. When I filled out my ward bracket, I literally just choose the higher seeded team every single time. Then I did eeny meeny miny mo {is that how you spell it?} for the top teams. and I'm in 3rd place. I'm probably not going to win, but I would like to believe that I'll have some great bragging rights considering I can't even tell you a single player on any of the teams besides BYU. let alone where the team is from. or anything about that team. or any of that teams previous games.

11. 80's night round two.

Remember the first 80s night we went to? It was even more fun the second time around! Here... because I don't feel like downloading the picture off my phone, go check out Kayla's blog post about it!

All-in-all, I would say the last few weeks have been some of the best!


p.s. my phone likes to do this cute little thing where I don't get certain texts for a couple weeks. {I was actually really offended that I was mid-conversation and people would quit replying... nope. a couple nights ago, my phone died and when I turned it back on, I got about 10 texts people had sent me weeks ago} and it also won't let me listen to my voicemails.
...if you would like to donate to the "erica's phone is too ghetto" fund, please feel free.
sorry, I'm done complaining.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

best friend visits, econ tests, and Mardi Gras Dances.

Guess who came to Provo this weekend?? KATIE. I haven't seen her since New Years Eve {although we have face timed quite a bit}. It was so great spending the weekend, being our crazy selves!

She got here right after I finished my econ test on friday... hence the reason I didn't blog/do anything fun this last week. let's not talk about the B I got on the test, despite all the studying. Also, let's give a big thank you to Ryan for spending a million hours helping me study. I probably would have gotten half the score I got without the help! Every one should have a brother like him... he also reads every single one of my blog posts. my family > everyone else's family

The weekend consisted of krispy kreme, roll up cafe, the BYU Mardi Gras dance, and mainly window shopping {oh, and Katie and I also did 5 hours of homework on saturday. #matureadults} It was seriously one of the best weekends yet! It was so great getting to hang out with Katie and catch up. Ahhh... I missed her and all of our crazy adventures!

matching pjs!

My friends are the greatest (:


p.s. once upon a time, Kayla made me breakfast to wish me luck on my test. Best roommate ever award?? I think yes!!!

someday I'll have a phone with a decent quality camera. today is not that day.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rex Lee Run.

On Saturday, Cady and I ran the Rex Lee 5K! It was awesome... and we won, kinda {as in, 189th place for me and 195th for Cady, so that counts right??} Guys, I just love running now!

How's that for a short post??

Monday, March 10, 2014

Cady and Lexi's questions!

So... Cady tagged me in a question post about a hundred years ago give or take a few, so here goes! {since there were quite a few questions, I didn't answer all of them}

2. What is your favorite way to workout? Why?

RUNNING! Cady {as in the Cady that tagged me in this post} has gotten me hooked on exercising! I love just putting in my headphones, getting on a treadmill {or in good weather, going outside}, turning up the music, and just running. One of my new years resolutions was to run a 5K... but forget that because a 5K is pretty easy... my new goal is to run a half marathon!

3. What is a quote that inspires you?

Just ONE quote??? I seriously love quotes so much. Right now, this would be my favorite one though:

I think this quote is sooo important {obviously, since it's my favorite quote of the day}. You see, no matter what you do, the only one who has the power to stop you... is you. I like to tell myself this a lot. I can do anything I put my mind to. I'm good enough to major in anything, or go anywhere, or do everything. Not in a bragging way, but in a confidence way. Believing in yourself is key.

4. What is your favorite social media site? Why?

t w i t t e r. the end. Why? because it's the only social media that I regularly post on {as in, quite a few times a day, oops} plus, I mean, if you follow me on twitter, you know a pretty honest side of me.

5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

Well, my favorite place {that I've been to} is New York City. I'm not entirely sure I could live there, though, because a) millions of people and b) no stars. But right now, at the golden age of 18, I'm pretty dang excited to live in a huge city... like London.

6. Do you prefer relaxing or busy vacations?

A little bit of both! I mean, if you go on vacation, you have to do all the stuff you can! But also, what's a vacation if it just tires you out?!

7. What are 3 things that never fail to cheer you up?

one. Late night talks with my best friends.

two. Watching movies in movie theaters.

three. Drinking hot chocolate or smoothies {depending on the weather, of course}

Then Lexi from over at Oh, the Places You'll Go also tagged me! {how fun is this?!?}

1. Favorite song for Les Mis?


4. The best book you've ever read.

This changes so much, seriously almost after every single book I read! I guess I'll stick with The Great Gatsby since it's definitely a great classic.

7. Which Disney Princess would you rather trade places with?

Merida! Brave is possibly the best movie ever. Yep. The End.

8. T or F. all's fair in love and war?

False. always false.

9. What frustrates you?

When people say they'll do something and they don't. When people are close minded. When it takes me a long time to fall asleep. The fact that it's basically impossible for me to take naps, even when I really really want to. When I get too worried about something and it starts showing up in my dreams {have I ever told you about my nightmares where I forget to turn in a huge paper? because they happen a lot} When people won't listen to my side of a situation. The fact that my emotions are tied to tears. When people don't believe in me. When I don't believe in me. The fact that my phone takes really crappy pictures and turns itself off or the screen goes crazy. When I want to eat, but nothing sounds good. When I tell people what I'm thinking about majoring in, and they make me feel like I can't do it or I shouldn't. When I forget something I should have remembered. Um... that's all I can think of off the top of my head.

10. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Absolutely not.

11. If you could go anywhere in the US, you've never visited, where would you go?
Seattle! {although after the Super Bowl....... poor, poor Broncos}

Last time I told anyone to answer these questions and then leave a link in the comments... so I think we'll do that again!

1. Dream vacation?
2. Favorite hobby?
3. What would you do with $10,000?
4. If you could do ANYTHING {do anything, go anywhere, meet anyone...} what would it be?
5. What frustrates you?
6. Why do you blog?
7. Favorite movie? Book? Song?
8. What is a little-known fact about yourself?
9. Favorite picture?
10. Are you shy or outgoing?
11. What do you think of your hometown?

And don't forget, anyone can answer these questions and leave a link in the comment so I can stop by and see your answers and so can anyone else!


p.s. I realized that I've been really bad at replying to people's comments on the last few posts... I promise I'll reply to them soon! I Promise!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

life, lately. {vocal point, comedy sportz, 5Ks, etc}

Hello friends! I have disappeared over the last few weeks... I know. You see, life has gotten hectic. The last few weeks have been full of studying, reading, and writing papers. It's also been full of adventures and late nights and laughter, though--

>>>The weather has been GORGEOUS lately! Hello homework/talking in the sun.

>>>Last weekend we went to Comedy Sportz. It's a comedy show that is completely clean and absolutely hilarious! After, we got pie shakes at Sammy's. {if you haven't been there and you live in provo, you are doing something wrong. they are delicious to say the least}

>>>Cady and I ran a 5K! It was the best (:

>>>Last night we went to BYU's Vocal Point concert!

Here is their latest video:
Guys, the best part about Vocal Point are
1) They actually sound like this in real life
2) This is ALL acapella. it's unbelievable
3) 8/9ths of them are unmarried. and they all sing well {surprise}. I am free next friday, boys.

It was an AWESOME night! Plus, afterwards we got to talk to them. One of them is from Alaska and we had a {relatively short} conversation about how Colorado is great because it's like Alaska. So, I mean, night made.

>>>It was also my first experience with Yogurtland. Ummmm... why have I never been there before??

>>>Cady, Kayla, and I have come to the conclusion that this is our song for the year:

>>>You should see Kayla and I at 1 a.m. By that time, we're just a bit crazy/tired. Those memories though (: The talks and the laughter we have. I'm going to miss Kayla so much!

>>>I went on a few great dates! Including Laser Tagging and going to Five Guys {um. yeah. those fries though.}

>>>Also... in less than ONE WEEK I get to see Katie! She's coming down for the weekend and I am literally counting down the hours {literally. as in, actually. as in, I am seriously counting down.} I am so excited to spend a few days with her! Since I've gotten to college, I've learned just how much I love my best friends.

>>>The past couple weeks have been a little rough, guys. {See Jacob, this is me writing about my feelings on my blog... not just pictures} Sometimes I get really frustrated because I feel like I work so hard but I'm still not doing as well as I want in some of my classes {is it really that difficult to get an A on a test you studied hours and hours for?? Biology and I are not friends, no matter how hard I try.} College is hard because all of a sudden you're expected to make all these decisions that will affect the rest of your life. You have to chose a career and you haven't even been alive for a quarter of your life yet. I spend hours and hours doing homework and I feel like I'm never done. However, I'm so grateful I get to attend this awesome college and I have these awesome friends. No matter how stressed or tired or worried I am, Kayla and Cady are always there for me. So, shout out to the girls that put up with all my worrying!

Today I'm headed to my sister's to celebrate my nephew's birthday {happy birthday Evan!} and spend the night. Oh, and do lots of homework. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend (:


Kayla's headed to The Philippines!

It's been over a week... but I thought I would tell you that my awesome, beautiful roommate Kayla has been called to serve an 18 month mission in The Philippines speaking Tagalog! I'm so proud of this girl!

This year has been a blast! And although I am soo sad that we won't be living together next year, I know that she's making the right choice! She has truly become my best friend this year. Our memories are endless and I will cherish every single one! I know that I was blessed to meet her. She is the kindest person with the biggest heart. She will be the best missionary ever! Thank you for all the memories, Kayla! I can't wait until you get back and I'm excited for the rest of this school year (:

The Philippines are getting the best missionary! I'm so excited/anxious/happy for you Kayla!