Thursday, July 5, 2012

Leg waxing and sleepovers

Tuesday night Katie came over and spent the night and we watched Harry Potter (We're getting ready for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!)
and we waxed our legs. now... this wasn't a split of a second decision... we both haven't shaved for over three weeks. it's bad.
so, we went to wal-mart and got some wax, and came home.
problems with waxing your legs:
the kind we got has to be heated in the microwave for 10 seconds. and it's freakin hot.
it hurts.
it doesn't work perfectly.

so, then wednesday, we decided to watch a movie, so we went to borrow it from kelly. and she randomly had a different kind of wax that was roll on. so we went home, all excited. but first, we decided to make some homemade wax just so we'd have enough. and this is what happened:
(please note i'm an awful video taper & my parents are gone, so my house is a huge disaster)

Katie cleaning the pan from the not-so-fantastic homemade wax...
So, we waxed our legs from knees down... then gave up because it took to long. so, she spent last night and we just watched more Harry Potter and whatnot.
It was fantastic.
I guess I'll go clean my house now haha.
Erica Michelle

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Spiderman, and such...

So, Last night (or this morning) at midnight, my friends and I went to see The Amazing Spider-Man. (i forgot my camera. sad day.)

it was great.

i plan on abusing my free movie ability.
because i work at the theater.

i love this movie.

ALMOST as much as harry potter.




Peter Parker is gorgeous.
The love story is amazing.
The action was... well, i'm a wimp, so it was scary. but good.
The movie made me think.
It was great.

I plan on watching it at least 5 times in theaters. (hey, i work there... i get free movies.)

 *Story of the day*
 While we were waiting before the movie, we were all sitting in the back of Katie's truck. And there were drunk guys (i've had a couple run-ins with drunk dudes at the theater... but that's a different story) and they were yelling at us and cussing and saying *inappropriate* things.
fast-forward to after the movie.
Katie and I had parked next to each other, so we decided to book it to our cars and head to sam's house together. We turned the corner of the block we were parked in, and there were three guys right in front of our cars. Soooo... we booked it back to the theater to make James or another boy walk us to the car. Booking it back to the theater meant running, screaming past all the attractive male teenagers that had watched the movie. well, it was entertaining. So James walked us to the car... but the guys had left. The end.

Buuuttt, it was still one of my scariest experiences!

Then, Katie and I went and spent the night at the house Sam was house-sitting at, because she didn't want to be alone.
it was real great.
the end!
Erica Michelle