Monday, October 13, 2014

london walks: Westminster and Lambeth: Church and State.

The Westminster London walk covers one of the original areas of London. During Medieval times, this religious and political center was separate from other areas and mostly remained as such until Queen Victoria's time (and after a major fire created a need to rebuild Westminster Palace). Today this walk is everything you imagine when you think "London"... it truly is the quintessential London. If you google the city, you are likely to see images of Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, and the House of Parliament. On this walk, you are also likely to run into everything "English"... bobbies (police officers), double-decker buses, and the most photographed red telephone booth in the world! Overall, this walk should be the first loop for any London tourist.

Big Ben! Most people don't realize that Big Ben is actually just the name of the clock... the tower is called the "Queen's Tower" after Queen Victoria.
Westminster Abbey.

The most photographed photo booth in the world- we had to wait in line to take our picture!

Quintessential London- Big Ben, House of Parliament, London Eye, and the Thames River.

House of Parliament

London Eye

English Bobbies (hopefully it's ok I took their picture?)

London Buses!

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