Monday, January 28, 2013


first of all, i found this quote on tumblr, and i am IN LOVE WITH IT!!! perfect, i tell you. just what i needed.
So winter formal was great!!! like, super super super super great! buuuut... the pictures didn't turn out :( like, not at all. i mean, one thing was that it was almost nine by the time we were ready (the dance started at eight) so we were in a huge rush. soooo yeahh.

i got asked to the ROTC Ball!!! But i'm going to be at Adam's State Honor Choir so i had to say no. it seriously bummed me out SO MUCH. i would have LOVED to have gone!!! plus, katie is going with nate so we could have gotten ready together :/

hmmm, so what else is new? i think that's about it. i seriously have soooo much to do i don't even really have time to blog!!! soo, adios!

erica michelle

Friday, January 25, 2013

boston and dances.

well, this week has been a crazy but wonderful week. seriously crazy. violin lessons, dinner theater auditions, mutual, seminary, like 50 bajillion tests (or at least it seemed like it), and a few essays. seriously, wonderful though. i got accepted to...

BYU Idaho.

believe me, the SECOND i get accepted to Provo, i'll be posting a picture of:
1) my acceptance letter
2) a picture of me crying because i'm so happy.

in the meantime, (that is, sometime between February 1st and February 28th) i'll have to be content with the idea of being accepted to idaho.

in other news, i for sure made it into Dinner Theater singing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boys again (it sounds better than last time, no worries) and also, i possibly made it in singing Jackson (Johnny Cash) with Martell... although that's not a guarantee because she's worried about having too many non-choir kids in there.


i have decided on a senior trip!!!

(google images)

I was having a hard time deciding between Boston, Disneyland, San Fracisco, and Chicago... but i definitely think Boston is the way to go(:

Next, tomorrow is the Winter Formal!!
and, need i mention that i don't have a date for two reasons...

1) i quite honestly don't want one because i've found dances (particularly homecoming and winter formal) are much better without one
2) i'm a mormon girl with standards living in (majorly) non-mormon town. (i tell myself that if i lived in utah i would go on more dates)

and i still haven't decided between these two dresses(:
(they look better on models than me)

 (this dress i got for Christmas... from Bohme)

     (This dress Katie has from Shabby Apple... and it's more navy blue then the picture shows)

and these are my shoes!

and that, my friends, is really it. now i'm off to write a "Political Philosophy Essay" for American Government, and do a scholarship essay!!!

erica michelle  

Saturday, January 19, 2013


so... what happens when i'm doing homework? i listen to pandora. because it's more interesting than my own music. i used to be able to listen to whatever, but now i can't really concentrate if there's words. or if it's too classical (i know, right?? i used to listen to classical ALL the time) soooo, pandora introduced me to...


and i'm in love with them. EVERY single song. (well, also, i'm just in love with the cello in general and Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, that's their names, in general, but whatever)

first of all... THIS IS WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE. ohmygoodness.

and this is one of the MANY songs that i love(:
believe me, AP US History is a lot easier to read if there's good music(:

and that, is my current love.

also, their new album came out this week. including Clocks (cover from Coldplay) featuring Lang Lang. seriously. ohmygoodness.

erica michelle


sooo, for photography we get to create our own project that we work on for the rest of the semester! and so, obviously, i choose a portraiture assignment. my first model was the one and only beautiful kelsey!!! here are just a couple of the pictures(: i personally thought they turned out beautiful!

erica michelle

Monday, January 14, 2013

zach's 20.

Today... Zach turns 20! So... here are some random pictures of {one of} the most wonderful brother ever! I wish we would have been better friends at the beginning of my high school, but by the time he left on his mission, we actually talked quite a bit, and i appreciated that so much(:

Happy 20th Birthday to an amazing brother!!! I am so proud of him giving up two years to serve... the people in Alabama should feel lucky! He is an amazing example to me!

erica michelle

Sunday, January 13, 2013

joann fabric's and scavenger hunt.


Montrose is getting a Joann Fabrics!!! How many 17 year old girls are excited for this? probably just me, but seriously, i don't have to drive to Junction to get decent fabric!!! my sewing possibilities are endless!! (ok, watch the store not even come until after i move out to college... that'd be tragic.). I CAN NOT WAIT. people don't understand my love of sewing, i mean, what other 15 year old girl begged and begged for a sewing machine for christmas 2 years ago? probably only me.

but there it is, not as wonderful as my mom's sewing machine, but still my little baby. (:

scavenger hunt.
 i live in a small little town. with nothing to do in it for teenagers on a saturday night (especially when all the kinds you hang out with have to actually PAY for their movie ticket...) so we did a scavenger hunt in Walmart...
45 things to take pictures of- some of which included:

-a bald man
-food no one in the group likes
-disney movie
-book everyone in group has read
-"something that used to swim in water, now it doesn't"
-a boy kissing a poster of justin bieber
and so on...

GIRLS VS BOYS (girls dominated... just fyi)

 i don't really feel like loading a million pictures, but here were just a few(:

anywho, great saturday, and now i have to go back to school tomorrow... how sad...


Saturday, January 12, 2013

les mis.

i forgot to mention this yesterday:

i am in love with les miserables. and eddie redmayne.


i've seen it three times. my only problem was the adult cozette. amanda seyfried... don't get me wrong, she's a great actor and great singer, i just didn't feel like her voice fit... but eddie redmayne? yes, he was perfect. and the rest of the cast was absolutely wonderful.

this: this is absolutely amazing too...

i don't know why i like it so much, but its just wonderful.

also, i'm working on this song with my voice teacher(:

and yeah, i think that's it(:

new addiction? yep. i'm reading the book too... although i'm only 7% into it on my kindle... it's a long freakin book.

erica michelle

Friday, January 11, 2013

new years and decisions.

soo, can i just say that i'm tired. tired as in, i don't sleep very much, but also just tired. in every sense of the word. i'm tired of high school, i'm tired of my classes, i'm tired of drama, and overall, i just want to be done. senioritis sucks. also, the last few days have been really really hard. school is stressful, and most of all: i'm STILL in peasant classes. american government. i swear, that teacher has yet to say one thing that i didn't learn in humanities or AP US History, not his fault, but i definitely wish i didn't have to waste an hour a day for the next five months of my life in that class. other then that, advanced photography is wonderful. and i've finally organized myself. History is pretty wonderful, and stats isn't so bad. most of all, i'd like to make the announcement that i got straight A's last semester... doesn't sound like a huge deal, but i'm actually really really proud. i was really worried about AP Stats and AP US History. and i worked really hard (like two a.m. every night studying hard) ...and the AP English paper i started writing at midnight the day before it was due? i got a 90% on it. i'm a bit amazed actually... so, yeah, straight A's and i couldn't be happier. i screamed when i found out. {i was in qdoba... that was weird}
so yeah, i'm just really happy about that. however. i feel even more stressed. and so i'm trying to be as organized as i possibly can. i'm still sorta stressing (so sorry about how depressing this post is so far, it's just nice to get out some frustration.)

my schedule of yesterday (thursday)
i had spent the night with katie because her parents were out of town.
so i left for seminary at 6:55
went to seminary
went home to pick up my camera, violin, voice music, and decoration committee stuff (i made folders for everyone... i'm a little ocd, ok?)
access. actually, NHS officer meeting.
peasant class. (aka, american government)
lunch. (aka, go get gas in my car, sit in car eating lunch alone because i had to do homework)
AP Stats.
AP English.
right after school, i had my decoration committee meeting.
straight to voice lessons.
straight to delta for orchestra. (can i tell you that i missed orchestra... like a lot.)
then my conductor talked me into being in symphony.
symphony practice.
drive home crying because my back hurt so bad and because... decisions.. (backstory, i have mild scoliosis which causes my ribs to turn out of place... particularly when playing violin... for 3 hours)
got home at like 10:30.
took three ibuprofen.
sat on the couch crying until the medicine kicked in.
took a very long shower.
started reading king lear at midnight.
when to bed. wayy later then is healthy.

yeppp... anyways, now i need to decided:

tennis or orchestra?

and i can't decide. seriously. i can't. next semester (in orchestra... aka march-may), they're playing some of the coolest music, not to mention that i wouldn't have to miss english twice a week (for tennis) and it would be really fun. but tennis is fun (sometimes) too, and this year i'm going to play singles. and it'll make me be more in shape. and i can't decide. anyways, sorry about the rant. now to happier topics.

i have just been crazy, and i haven't gotten around to new years.

new years eve.
well, we went to katie's dad's office (after i got off work at ten) and played games, ate food, and...
partied like true mormons... sparkling cider!!! 

 i got a hair cut!

and it was really fun(:

and here's a picture of when katie came with my family to the motab concert like a month ago:

annnnddd yeahh... i promise, i'll try to blog more, everything is just stressing me out right now. febuary is going to be an awful month.

.all state choir.
.dinner theater the next day. (i'm auditioning with martell singing jackson by johnny cash, and with ashlee and rachael singing don't sit under the apple tree by andrew sisters)
.adam's state honor choir two days after that.
.pennies for patients all month. (nhs)
.our fccla project.
.tennis starting (if i do tennis)

i promise (hopefully) this is the last complaining post for a while(: i'm usually a happy person!

erica michelle