Friday, October 17, 2014

stratford upon avon.

Every week we take a day trip {aka we wake up early and get on a bus and drive for a couple hours. but then we see really cool stuff and drive home!} Yesterday we went to Stratford upon Avon... Shakespeare's home! We got to visit Ann Hathaway's house, Shakespeare's birthplace, and the Royal Shakespeare Theater. Last night we say the royal shakespeare company {world renown theater cast!} preform Much Ado About Nothing.

Since I'm not the biggest Shakespeare fan {sorry everyone} my favorite part actually had nothing to do with him. We stopped by Coventry Cathedral. It was bombed during WWII and they left it as it was. It was amazing to see and to think about how much the war affected people here.

I guess saying "awesome" is very American? at least, that's what the news people who interviewed us said. we're famous in England! {sorta?}

we're just super excited because this was where shakespeare was born. whoo!

Ann Hathaway's home.

selfie in front of Ann's house? It's cool.

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