Monday, December 31, 2012

snowy car accident. (sorta).

don't get me wrong, i love SNOW, i just hate it on the ROADS. seriously. like this sorta a scene: beautiful. however. when snow gets on the road... it gets scary.

story of the day:

i wake up (it's snowing again), hang around my house, then think "hmmm, i should go get my hair cut."

so, i head out. driving. in my little grandma blue car. with front wheel drive. and i go the back way (i don't know why i didn't stick to the main roads... that was a dumb mistake on my part). and i'm driving down Woodgate. and i think, "man, i'm glad i've never been in a bad accident" and i think to myself "am i going too fast?" and i'm like "nahh, i'm going like ten miles under the speed limit. i'm totally fine." and i keep driving for a while. and i almost get to the round-a-bout...

and i hit ice (or something that makes me no longer in control of the car)

and i start weaving all over the road. and i can't do anything. and if they had been a car coming the other way in the other lane... i would have hit them head on. and i just sorta thought i was gonna die. and finally i went off the road... (thankfully it was the side with a ton of snow and not the side with a fence and bushes and stuff) and i got stuck. and the car that was behind me? that saw this all happen? just kept driving. it was sooo scary i tell you. i thought i was gonna flip over.

and so i called my dad. and he and jayson came and pushed me out. and i learned my lesson.

never under any circumstance will i drive on an un-plowed road driving over 15 mph. (you think i'm joking? i'm not.) and never, under any circumstance will i ever drive on a back road when there's snow, ever. the end.

and that. that was the lesson i learned today. oh, and i have three inches less hair(: and it's all healthy and stuff too!

erica michelle

Friday, December 28, 2012


two blogs in one day? historic, really. well, like i've said many a time (such as in this post), i love my job. my dear little theater. well... a magazine did an article about it:

The Shelter Magazine.

(google images search)

well, yep, i quite enjoy my job, but today made me love it even more. why? because... well... this random group of people i was getting snacks for told me i looked like a movie star. i mean, how could you not love a job that you get such wonderful (random) compliments?? i mean, i had no make up (not that i really wear much anyways) and i was wearing my work uniform, and they just told me that i looked like i could be a movie star and that i "have a demanding presence" (not sure if that's a compliment or even what that means... but still). i was grateful. and, with some of my weird experiences over the last few weeks... i will never judge someone by their appearance. never. never ever again.and that, is my lesson of the day. 

erica michelle


so, thursday we went to ouray. ouray is a little tourist town about an hour away... and it's absolutely gorgeous. (just a note for this post and the others to come in the next two weeks... i don't have photoshop or bridge or anything... because i don't have any money at the current moment to purchase such items... so the pictures aren't overly-fantastic)

the original plan was to go snow shoeing (definitely a thing on my to-do list) but ryan has a cold and didn't feel up to that... so we went here instead(:

 box canyon falls! a super short "hike" (walk) and some stairs... then a beautiful view all along the way!

first, ouray is known for ice climbing... and we saw a lot of climbers (trust me, i never plan to be one, seems like the scariest thing a person could do.)

...those are some real icicles...

the gorgeous mountains:

and the hike into the falls:

it's a long way down...

and our family on the way out(:

then we went into town to get some hot chocolate (and i had the most delicious truffle known to mankind...)

AND my mom bought me a cookie cutter shaped like the united states. (seriously. it was $1.59).

and that, was just another day in my wonderful life(:

erica michelle

Thursday, December 27, 2012

christmas 2012.

heeelllooo! so, this christmas was definitely different then any other. first of all, i can't tell you how happy i am to go to bed before midnight, and not have to worry about homework. soo happy... also, second of all, i can't tell you how happy i am to have other people in the house... i don't realize how quiet everything is until i wake up to my family having a loud conversation about politics (you think i'm joking... politics make up about 95% of the conversation when my siblings are home).


sooo... we had the gerlach's over for dinner and we went caroling(:

and my family played ticket to ride and had delicious hot chocolate(:

christmas eve.
well, i took quite a few pictures... on my school camera, soooo i can't put them on my computer because i didn't take them in JPG, sorry :(

i worked :/ 1-4ish, and actually, i quite enjoyed it, have i told you how much i love my job? because i really do...

i came home to a bunch of different cookies and preparations for our christmas dinner (we have out huge dinner christmas eve, not christmas) then a program and opening of one present (aka pajamas). anyways, it was super fantastic, just different then usual because ryan and tiffany and zach weren't there...

i also got to wrap presents... (one of my favorite things to do)

well, i should tell you now, that i only asked for one thing... just ONE thing. and i got it(: and i couldn't be happier.

i got a real camera!!!! and a tripod, and zoom lens, and cleaning stuff, and case... and i am soo happy! i also got a super cute dress from Bohme, buuuut i don't have a picture of it. i am so thankful!

christmas morning... it's the best day of the year.
watching people open presents + huge mess in the living room = amazing.

this is sorta what it looks like:

also, can we all appreciate the fact that my niece and nephew are the cutest kids on this planet?


 evan and his daddy made an (angry-looking) snowman!

and christmas morning is our annual waffle breakfast!!! (which i failed to actually take pictures of)

 and at noon we got to web-chat with...

zach!!! it was great!

then, after a long day of hanging out, we had christmas dinner (left overs and appetizers)

can i just say that danielle and i set the table? kay, yeah. (i think i really like setting tables too)

and that concludes christmas!! well... i think i'll be catching up on a few blogs over the next few days, but till then, adios!


Friday, December 21, 2012

7/8 and buttons.

well well well...
this girl (yes me.) is officially 7/8ths of the way through high school! that's right, folks. today i completed my first semester of senior year. and boy, am i glad it's over. way more to come about this week, but my parents are having a party in ten minutes and i have to leave the computer (weird, right???)

(sorry the picture is blurry-ish)

this girl (sam) and i figured out how to make buttons for our blogs... soo... wanna grab my button??(:

tomorrow will be my day. (after i sleep for a good 12 hours at least) i will blog. and clean. and not think about AP US History for at least one day. (then i need to start my homework for that dumb class... it's a good thing i like history.)

Erica Michelle

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

dinner theater year four.

well hello there!
this is going to be a short post because heaven knows i should be studying AP US History. well... here's a random picture of freshmen year choir with ashlee (left) and rachael (right)... why this random picture you say? because i'm getting awfully excited for all of my choir events this year!! including All State, Adam's State, and (drum roll please) CHAIRMEN OF THE DECORATION COMMITTEE! whooo! yep, that's right, this girl right here is in charge of ALL the decorations and planning for dinner theater (with my own committee of course!)!! Do i have time for this? nope, especially because it's the day after i get back from All State and three days before I leave for Adams, but oh well! I love planning stuff like this, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE decorations. and the theme is "Back to the Future". 1940's to present day. 1940's people!!! yep...

freshmen year:

and here's the video.

one thing about this nice little video... it was freshman year, and i was nervous. so i sorta look... awkward the whole way through... and there were definitely missed notes... and yeah...

this year will be better, no worries(:

Erica Michelle