Sunday, October 5, 2014

Les Mis, day trips, and matching pajamas.

L E S  M I S E R A B L E S : on the west end. {think London Broadway} We got all dressed up and headed over to the show last monday! It was SO good. I haven't seen it on stage, but I loved the movie {remember my awkward beginning days of this blog? I blogged about it back then}. On stage is hands down the best thing ever. 

L O N D O N  W A L K S : Hi. yes. I do a lot of homework and once in a while my homework is exploring London and it's great. This week we did two london walks, but I haven't had time to write them up yet. Yes, today we did our walk on a "have-to" basis {let's not talk about our appearances in the pictures. sometimes getting ready is a struggle when you're around 35 girls all the time and you have a mission call} but usually they're lots of fun! Our Westminster walk was great, and I finally got to take the usual tourist red phone boote & big ben picture!

R O Y A L  O P E R A : Fun part about study abroad? We take field trips... to the Royal Ballet. It's not a big deal. We got to see The Barber of Saviglia {Marriage of Figero} which was 3 1/2 hours long and 100% italian. But what an amazing experience! How many people can say they saw an italian opera in one of the most famous opera houses in the world???

P O R T A B E L L O  M A R K E T : on Saturday Hannah and I finally got to go to Portabello Market! Imagine the cutest antique shop ever lining the streets for blocks. Plus the best crepes. {and we can judge, since our crepe intake is quite high... go big or go home, or just go home big. life motto. you only london one YOLO}

We stopped by the National Museum to finish a homework assignment, then headed to Bourough Market to have their famous Toasted Cheese Sandwiches for lunch {best 5 pounds I've ever spent, by the way.} One of the greatest parts of this study abroad is the hands on learning. We learn about paintings or architecture or history, then we see it! Guys, our homework assignments include seeing famous paintings in person. and writing photo essays on historical places we visit. or going to plays. life is great.

G E N E R A L  C O N F E R E N C E : wow. general conference gets better every single time! Thias {the BYU London Cook} made us a huge brunch {trust me on "huge"... I'm on the kitchen crew for the week and clean up took foorreevveerr} but it was SO GREAT. meals at the byu centre are the best.

It's weird doing stuff all day, then watching conference late at night. Time difference takes getting used to, guys. Also, can we talk about Elder Bednar's talk?? Man, I missed it tonight because I was packing, but I just finished listening to it and WOW great.

R A N D O M : I haven't bought souvenirs yet... except for Union Jack one piece pjs. greatest purchase ever. Hannah and I got matching. and now the entire study abroad is going to buy them! sisterhood of the traveling union jack pajamas, any one?

some more delicious crepes!
D A Y  T R I P : C H U R C H  H I S T O R Y

we got to see a cool pond.
dried up pond.
aka a fenced off piece of grass.
but still cool history!

jumping because we were so excited to be on the Barbow Farm! {they were key converts and basically paid for the first prints of the hymnal and Book of Mormon in England!}

Beacon Hill! This was the place Wilford Woodruff would come to pray. ...what a climb haha

The view was amazing! We also got to have a testimony meeting at the top. I can't believe how blessed I am to be surrounded by these people. They are so inspirational. It helped me so much & was exactly what I need! {well... also thanks to my awesome mom for putting up with my freak out moment over skype that night. no fear though, I'm feeling great!} RUSSIA HERE I COME.

Gadfield Elm Chapel! First LDS chapel in England!

The day trip was great! It's amazing how much I'm coming to love the girls {and few boys?} I'm surrounded by. They are amazing!

And that was this week! Tomorrow we go on another week long trip to York and Edinburgh SCOTLAND! See you on Saturday!

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