Saturday, September 28, 2013

happy friday!

this week has been... interesting. {both good and bad}

I mean, I took my first test in the testing center today. {that would fulfill the "bad" part of my week}. Seriously, who thought of making nervous freshmen wait in line for close to an hour just to take a test? Because it is not nice.

Anyway, on a happier note:
last night we went to the football game! ...ok, we got there late because it was most definitely a last minute decision, and we left early because it was ffrreeeezziinngg, but it was still fun!

Secondly, I owed Joseph cookies... so we baked chocolate chip cookies a couple days ago, and decorated them ourselves (:

{yes, my name is backwards.}

After the game, we celebrated one of the girls from the ward who turned 18! How did we celebrate? Apple cider, of course!

Life is great! Also, this week Kayla talked me into actually using my twitter:

Sooo yep (:

Erica Michelle

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

we like to make crazy music videos.

So, we have a ward facebook page, and last weekend some of the boys made a completely random music video. obviously, we had to make a response (:

just rockin' out to some spice girls... don't worry about it.

aren't these girls just great? I absolutely adore every single one of them! I would love to show you the actual music video {which, quite honestly, was pretty amazingly choreographed by the way} but it got taken off facebook for copyright or something. llaammee.

In other news, this is what's been going on in my life:

hanging out at church meetings with lots of food. don't worry bout it.

stealing hunter's cat decorations. {yep, you read that correctly}

trying to go to the bathroom and seeing these two lovely ladies just hanging out

fire drills that come at inconvenient times for poor Kayla

Erica Michelle

Monday, September 23, 2013

the holy war.

that's what people here call it. the rivalry against Utah.

we lost.

I really am not being a bitter fan when I say that it was partially the refs fault. but actually... I don't even know anything about football and I could tell.

My wonderful roomie (:

stolen from someone on facebook... relavant

I am a failure guys. I didn't take ONE SINGLE PICTURE at the game. not even one. not even of our awesome seats, not even of Joseph and I's matching shirts {seriously, we were like the only ones in the stadium with this type of shirt}, not even of the awesome group! nothing. I am an awful blogger. NOT ONE PICTURE.

nonetheless. it was an absolutely fantastic day! so great. even though we made a bet and now owe 4 boys breakfast.

I promise I am going to hop back on the blogging train... it's just been crazy!

{oh, and tonight we made a music video in response to some boys in our ward. it was legit.}

Erica Michelle

Saturday, September 21, 2013

I'm running out of titles for these posts.

Last night was... pretty dang hilarious. Only at BYU do things like this happen.

So, after watching some random kid open his mission call, Kit and I went to watch some of the boys play Ultimate Frisbee! I am convinced you can't be a freshmen boy at BYU without liking Ultimate. Seriously though, it's like one person pulls out the frisbee in the middle of the dorm lawn, then all of a sudden, there are like 30 people. But this game was for their intramural team:

see, even the sign is wrapped in plastic!

I'm sorry that the quality of my blog photos are slowly going down hill! I've found that my phone is the easiest thing to carry around and, well, my phone is not the greatest camera.

Well, we ended up walking around, playing video games at The Wall, and walking around some more.

And now, Utah VS. BYU!! {and more homework}

Erica Michelle

Friday, September 20, 2013

dating games and random whatnot.

So... over the past few days I've learned that I work really well at the library, BYU is the funniest place on Earth {possibly}, and there is never a dull moment at college!

let's start with why BYU is strange//never a dull moment. Exhibit A:

Wednesday night we went to "The Dating Games". The boy {or girl} sat behind the wall and asked the contestants 3 questions. Then they choose who wins the date! Auburn won a date (: and Cady did awesome {and totally should have won a date} It was hilarious to say the least!

So it was Sara's birthday and we decorated her door...

Also, it's rivalry week {Utah vs. BYU!} so all the statues are wrapped in plastic so that they don't get painted red. It's just a little funny.... so Sam and I took some pictures (:

Well... I have quite the pile of homework, and plans for tonight, so later (:  Sorry, there really is even more I could talk about, but time is short, so adios!

Erica Michelle

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

the cool kids have M&M dispensers.

So, Kayla brought an M&M dispenser to college. I guess you could say our room is basically the coolest.

Unfortunately, it wasn't working, so Cady tried fixing it.

And this is what followed...

And it was possibly one of the funniest moments of my life. {it was also super late, another good reason we were laughing so much}. And there were M&Ms everywhere.

Have I mentioned that I adore college and all these wonderful people I've met?

Erica Michelle

Monday, September 16, 2013

dinner of champions.

This blog is definitely turning more and more into a journal, but I suppose that's what I made if for, right? My sincerest apologies (:

Today, I spent 5 hours in the library working on homework. I can honestly say that, until this afternoon, I had NEVER spent that much time focused on one specific thing. I turned off my phone and didn't let myself use my computer for anything other than writing my paper and listening to pandora. And dang, it was the most productive 5 hours of my life {I did other homework, too. not just my paper}. Needless to say, I was not in the mood to go sit in a cafeteria and eat dinner by myself, and alas, that's where my delicious bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios comes in (:

College has taught me that I 'm kinda, sorta addicted to cold cereal... Now that I have to buy my own food, I've learned. Most people haven't already gone through 5 boxes of cereal. I guess as far as addictions go, cereal isn't too bad, right? :P

Well, in other news, thanks to my awesome day spent doing homework, all I have left to do tonight is re-read and do a quick edit of my Writing paper and a little bit of Book of Mormon reading, thhheeennnnn I might actually get a decent amount of sleep! Oh, and I got a head start on tomorrow's homework, too. This is called productivity!

Happy monday!

Erica Michelle

Sunday, September 15, 2013

hiking the Y.

soo... you know how I have this little bucket list? Yep, another thing crossed off! I hiked the Y last night with Seth {who's also from the most wonderful state of Colorado... but we met because he's in my ward!} It was quite fun(: and also, it's a legit hike. Quite a bit steeper than I expected, but definitely worth it! The view was absolutely b e a u t i f u l!

Anyways, it was super fun (: I quite enjoy dates that you actually get to know the other person and you get to talk to them {not that I'm hating on movie dates but.....} It was a fantastic night to say the least!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Erica Michelle

Thursday, September 12, 2013

parachute concert.

that's right, folks. I went to my first concert! And, remember how I'm absolutely in love with the band Parachute? Like, since the day that I downloaded their song from the weekly free iTunes {literally, over 2 years ago}? yep. I saw them in concert. and I swear, it was the best night of my life. It started out with Sam texting me when I was in Boston that they were going to be in Salt Lake... and we've sorta been counting down the days. And it was totally worth it.

We rode the front runner up to salt lake {ah, the hassles} and got there right in time!

I had a late class, so Sam went to SLC earlier and we all followed (: aren't the girls from my hall awesome?? {photo cred to Ty}

The first band that opened for Parachute was called Paradise Fears. and let me tell you, they may be a new favorite! I had never heard of them, but no worries, I now have some of the music... oh, and a picture with the lead singer (:

Have I told you that this was honestly the best night ever? I mean, I got to spend the night singing along and dancing to my favorite band with my best friend.

Check out her blog because she'll blog about the concert too!

We tried to take a few pictures... which didn't exactly work out due to a major lack of lighting-

Right after the concert we headed back to the train station. Unfortunately, we missed the train and the next one didn't leave for an hour and a half, and we were quite hungry. Long story short, we got on a train into the town, and realized that basically every restaurant closes before 11, and we got some faulty taco bell directions. this is the point when I would say hashtag-roaming-around-salt-lake-city {don't worry Mom, we were safe (: } We ended up rushing into Applebees and boy, those people were nice and they had our food out quick enough we didn't miss the train :D

We got back around 1-ish, and then it was homework time {for me, at least}

Oh, well. It was most definitely worth it. Best first time concert experience I could have asked for!! Bucket list item crossed off!

Erica Michelle

Sunday, September 8, 2013

BYU vs. Texas.

My first college football game!! It was BYU vs. Texas and it was fantastic! We got there around 3 then waited in line... for forever.

Those are our refillable BYU cups. yep, you can be jealous.
Then this happened:

please note that this was within like 10 minutes of the first picture in this blog post.

Then it down poured... quite literally. and we got soaked. and this is what that looked like:

*picture stolen from Ty on facebook...*

And after quite the delay the game finally started!!

And BYU won (: and even though I was soaking wet and freezing cold... it was most definitely worth it!!

Then came a random dance party in our lobby... and I've also learned that leaving your phone/computer in the hands of other people is unsafe.

don't worry, I knew they were taking the pictures...

yeah... the 50 bajillion of these... I didn't know about till I plugged my phone into my computer...
Well, lovelies, I hope you all are having/have had a great weekend!

Erica Michelle