Monday, October 13, 2014

london walks: walking the walls of londinium.

We took our third walk around the borders of "Londinium". Londinum was the old Roman city that has now grown into London. I enjoyed this walk because we got to visit several churches as well as learn more about the geography of London. These churches were my favorite part of the walk, but I also enjoyed getting to see great architecture at historical sites like the Tower of London and Finsbury Circus. The walks book discusses the damage that was caused to the east end of London during World War II and we were able to see how that effected the architecture that is now there. This end of the walk was filled with more modern buildings. Overall, this walk contained an exceptional amount of buildings with stunning architecture!

The Tower of London dates back hundreds of years!

This is the London Authority Building, which we saw as we left the Tower Hill tube stop. It is very apparent how classic Roman and Greek designs have influenced London architecture!

Near the middle of the walk, we started into more modern buildings, including the famous Gherkin building.
Christ's Church at the end of the street!

We were able to walk around the inside of Christ's Church.
The architecture is so intricate and light!

 The architecture of each building in London is very different, and it's very common to find contrasting buildings next to each other.

Building from nearly every architectural period can be found in London!

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