Sunday, October 19, 2014

schwarmas & little venice.

The strangest part about this blog post is that I really don't have much to say, except that two very exciting things happened: 1) I had my first schwarma 2) LITTLE VENICE.

S C H W A R M A :

essentially, it's a pita with meat {chicken or lamb} plus vegetable-type things and hot salsa and this sauce {great explanation, right?} It's hard to explain but IT IS SO DELICIOUS. note- if you just google "schwarma" it won't look like the stuff I've had. We go to this little hole-in-the wall called Taza's and the guy has a great accent and he's super nice to us and when we told him we're from Utah {it's better to not explain that we're actually all from different places in America and then list off all the states and explain the 'study abroad' thing and blah blah blah} the first thing he said was "Utah Jazz!" He's awesome and he also let's us take a to-go bowl full of salsa which is fantastic since you can't really find salsa here. Anyway, yes Taza's is a little sketchy {let's just say that it doesn't have a sticker on the window bragging about it's hygiene rating like some restaurants. also, there is a 100% chance that my mom would just about die if she saw it...} but it's cheap and so so so so delicious. I am converted. On a scale of life-changing edibles, it's right up there with pazookies, mozzarella, basil & tomato, peanut butter & apples, and diet coke.

L I T T L E  V E N I C E : 

This week I finally completed all of my London Walks! {I still have to write up the last two though...} The very last one was called "Little Venice" and it really was a hidden gem! Lauren, Aimee, and I really enjoyed walking along the canal and you can bet that I'll be going back! It was definitely one of the best parts of London so far.

P O R T A B E L L O  M A R K E T :

Second time around and portabello market was still great {and portabello crepes are still the best I've had}. I love Saturday mornings with a group of girls just walking around the markets {and getting followed by groups of 13 year old boys and what not. it's a party}

W E S T M I N S T E R  E V E N S O N G :

On Friday we went to Evensong at Westminster... I loved it! Westminster Abbey was incredible. Plus the Westminster choir is famous, and they definitely deserve it.

Also, can I just say that it was amazing being in the place that KATE AND WILLIAM got married in? Yes, my mom and I watched the entire wedding when it happened. plus a documentary or two. why not, right?

R A N D O M :

>>> there is a man in my ward that brings a full size husky to church. in sacrament meeting. and it barks when babies cry. and it's one of the many, many reasons I LOVE the ward I've been assigned to!

>>> on one of our runs this week, Ellen, Aimee, and I saw a man with no less than a dozen parrots plus a couple pigeons all across his arms and shoulders. I guess that's normal? we definitely had to do a double take.

>>> today I worked in nursery and it made me SO excited to meet my new nephew. no one is allowed to have babies on my mission because I don't get to immediately meet them.

>>> study abroad is great because you become friends with your professors. proof- our hilarious dinner conversations, such as tonight, that involved watching youtube/miss america videos and talking about past crushes with our professor and his wife. I LOVE STUDY ABROAD.

>>> you guys, I love london so much. I just wish that everyone I love could come visit me and I would show them my favorite places and it would be lovely. and brilliant. and yeah. cheers.

>>> I got a letter from Kayla!! We email every week, but getting a letter is the best surprise ever. {hint hint... I LOVE LETTERS. WRITE ME, PEOPLE. I PROMISE I'LL RESPOND.}

>>> did I mention that we can watch Downton Abbey as it airs {because, you know, we're in England}?? Downton fans, prepare yourselves. no spoilers BUT OH MY GOODNESS THE PLOT LINE THICKENS

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