Saturday, November 8, 2014

london walks: Little Venice.

Our last London Walk was the area walk "Little Venice". Little Venice is one of the prettiest places I've seen in London. Like it's name, it reminds visitors of Venice, Italy. Little Venice is the area where Regents Canal and Grand Junction Canal meet. The canal is lined with weeping willows and town houses designed by John Nash. Along with these Nash homes, new apartment complexes go in every direction and, due to demand, living costs are very high in this area. As well as the apartments, the canal is full of houseboats of every color. {it really is picturesque!}. This area was created along with the Regents Canal in 1820 as a link from Grand Junction Canal to the Thames river. It cost 772,000 pounds and became an important method of transportation for cargo passing through London. This area is mostly unknown to tourists, but is a great place for a Sunday afternoon walk!

Little Venice has become a primary contributor to the water real estate market in London.

Regents Canal

As you can tell, the canal is wide enough to transport fairly large ships. While it is now used as real estate and leisure, it was once a key part of London trading.

Parks have been constructed along the side of the river.

Nash Town Houses

Buildings designed by John Nash line the canal.

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