Wednesday, October 15, 2014

london walks: Seats of Power: Whitehall and the Mall.

I really enjoyed the Seats of Power walk. It connected a couple of our previous walks, so I started learning about the layout of London (who knew Trafalgar square was so close to the House of Parliament?). This walk was full of war memorials. England has a very rich history, which also includes being a leading world military power through centuries of wars. This walk commemorates comanders, miliary branches, and bravery. I enjoyed reading and learning about key figures in Britain's military history!

Names of soldiers who died in combat during WWII 

Battle of Britain Memorial along the Thames- unveiled by Queen Elizabeth in 2008.

Royal Air Force Memorial- this memorial reads "In memory of all ranks of the Royal Naval Air Service, Royal Flying Corps, Roayl Air Force, and those air forces from every part of the British Empire who gave their lives in winning victory for their kind and country. 1914-1918. I bare you on eagles wings and brought you unto myself"
Lord Portal of Hungerford- This is a statue of Charles Frederick Algernon Portal. He was a pilot, then flight commander and squadron commander flying light bombers on the Western Front during WWII. He eventually became the Cheif of the Air Staff. 
Charles George Gordon- (also known as Chinese Gordon) was a British army officer and administrator. He was commander of the "Ever Victorious Army", a force of Chinese soldiers led by European officers. His men aided the shut down of the Taiping Rebellion. He was killed at Khartoum, after helping with the evacuation of 2500 civilians and soldiers.

This plaque is on the bottom of Gordon's memorial. The shield bears the legend "Right Fears no Might" This statement was key in the Victorian British empire.

Sir Henry Bartle Edward Frere- British colonial administrator. He became Governor of Bombay in his career in India.

The Women of World War II

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