Wednesday, November 14, 2012

condensed randomness.

well, here's a really really condensed version of the last couple weeks(:

Kelsey's ceramics.

first of all, ya'll know kelsey? well, she's an AMAZING artist, kay? this is her work. all hers. look at the detail. i mean really, she's absolutely amazing!

anyways, my best friend is talented. the end.


we rock. i know(:

and, well sam and i have spent the last two days in seminary coloring this pictures. (yes, two days.). but it is awesome. like, professional coloring picture.

well, i went to CCD Honor choir on monday. and other than that, all i do with my life is school and extracurriculars, so not much else. my dad is staining my desk and drawers, and once that's done i have a few projects for my room, then i'll show everyone my fantastic new room(:

Erica Michelle

checklist project.

well, hello there! i've sorta fallen off the face of the blogging planet it seems, not that too many people actually read my blog, but still(:
well, life has been... busy. i'm really tired, like really really tired. i do homework all the time.
kelly and i do homework everyday during lunch.
and during my passing periods.
and all the time really.
what do i have to show for it?
an 86% in AP US History :(
and i need to retake four more tests for that stupid class.
granted though, yes, yes i do in fact have a 97.35% in AP English. i'm actually quite proud of that fact. soo... that's why i'm blogging and not doing AP English(:

Washington DC.
drum roll please...

Philadelphia!!! Why yes, i did actually get to check something off on my list.

so here we are...
it was so long ago i don't even remember anything, but here are some pictures(:

first of all, we had trouble getting there, we missed our connecting flight, sooooo we had to fly through Chicago! (i've always wanted to go there anyways!! although, we were just in the airport..)
 yeah, see the departed... that's not good when we're still in the airport...

Washington DC

 Best sister-in-law ever... just saying..

The last couple pictures are from the place we went for lunch... Ben's Chili Bowl. Their known for their chili burgers (or something like that), and... well they were... DELICIOUS. and probably really really really unhealthy, but honestly, who cares about that?!?!
basically, anyone who goes to DC should go there... there are tons and tons of pictures of famous people that have gone there. It's Bill Cosby's favorite and Obama has been there and just tons and tons of people.
Also, DC cupcakes. we all know that (when i have free time... so basically never) i watch food network, and *anything cupcake related* are the best shows!!!! I'm not even a cupcake fan, but they were sooo good!!
so we saw monuments and then went to georgetown for the rest of the day...
(oh, and i got THE CUTEST dress EVER at anthropology... but i don't have a pictures, so,,, yeah...)

i can't even tell you how excited i was that we decided to go to Philadelphia!! i mean, first of all, i love history more than anything, and second, i love going new places!! (i've already been to washington dc)

everything is so green, i love it.

Ahhh, cities.

 oh, ya know, just hanging out with George Washington. it's whatevs.

so, that last picture is where we had lunch. i can't remember the name of the place but it was a market sorta a deal. it was insane. imagine ANY type of food. there were people everywhere. i mean, it was a crowd. and it was awesome. when i say any type of food i really do mean it too... fish (like whole fish with heads attached), chocolate covered onions, chinese, desserts, fresh fruits and veggies, i mean, really EVERYTHING you could think of to eat was there. oh, and of course the famous philly cheese steaks!!

well, that was a very very condensed version of my trip, but it was great getting to see Ryan and Tiffany and getting to check something off my to-do list!!

Erica Michelle

Thursday, November 1, 2012

another post about how i'm a failure.

my rooms all yellow and stuff!! yepp(: but not done yet so i'm not going to put up too many pictures, just one so ya'lls can see it(:

tomorrow. i won't go to sleep until i've blogged about:

Auditions into music programs
The last couple weeks.

i promise.

new pictures on my photography page too(:
i know i'm not fantastic but i'm sorta in love with it.