Wednesday, October 15, 2014

london walks: From the Bank to the Temple: Legal London.

This walk was one of my favorites so far! It covered some of the same streets from the "Walking through the City" walk, but also took us to meat markets, hospitals, and churches. Another aspect of this walk that seemed of importance was the amount of banks. Even though this walk did not specifically take us through the "financial district" of London, it was evident the international scope of this city. As I saw all of these banks, quite a few of which were foreign, I wondered why they were here. It's important to remember that we are now living in an international city (not that Provo isn't important...) Much like New York City, London plays a major part in the world's economy. London's Central Bank District employs 750,000 employees and is home to the world's international bond market (source). Seeing banks from unique areas across the globe was a great reminder of how intertwined this world has become.

The Bank of China

Arab Banking Corporation (ABC)

Bank Saderat- an Iranian bank.

Llyods Banking Group

Bank of America- Merrill Lynch

A Branch of the NatWest bank

HongKong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC)

Barclays Bank

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