Tuesday, September 23, 2014

stonehenge and stourhead gardens... aka pride and prejudice.

the afternoon of the first day of our trip was set aside for stonehenge! I've always wanted to see Stonehenge so it was a major accomplishment. check. Stonehenge is pretty dang impressive in person! Some of the stones are over 20 feet tall and how in the heck they got them up there? not sure. but it was great! One of the classes I'm taking here is British history, so we learned about the "prehistoric" time that this was built during. I don't know, guys, you just need to go there.

serious pictures aren't exactly our forte.

please appreciate Dr Underwood in the back. In the words of Claire: "I feel like this picture could make Prof. Underwood even more famous." Probably so.
I present to you: the jumping picture struggle. shout out to Lauren for snapping pictures of our struggle:

finally made it!

this isn't an uncommon site. selfies are rough.

I'm positive that you have been dying to ask, "Erica, did Miley make it to London with you?" and the answer is yes, yes she did. Read about our ugly matching statues right here.
Next stop was Stourhead Gardens. better known as the site where Mr. Darcy first proposed. if you don't know what I'm talking about, take 4 minutes out of your life and watch this. This place was designed after the paintings of someone great that I can't actually remember but I did a worksheet on him. whoops. anyways, it was so picturesque. these pictures won't show anything. it was AMAZING. easily my favorite part of the entire trip!


this PC goes to Kiley Barney! I love these girls!
Then we headed to dinner and for a walk on the beach in a little town called Weymouth!

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