Saturday, September 6, 2014


Hello! Today we woke up {yay for trying to sleep off jet lag by going to bed at 9:30}. We had a meeting at 9 then Ellen, Aimee, and I decided to take a run! We attempted to get through Hyde Park but ended up first going down the row of Embassy buildings... including the Russian embassy, complete with machine-gun-carrying guards. So, yep. Fun story of the day. After our run, we got ready and headed on our first London Walks assignment! {which I blogged about here. Fun fact: my grade for this class is based on going on the walks and doing a photo essay on my blog, then sending the link to the TA. can you say "fantastic"? Yep} After an afternoon in downtown london {I AM IN LOVE} we came back, baked pizza, and spent the evening telling awkward date stories with a lot of the girls. My goodness, am I loving this. I love the history, and the buildings, and the people. LOVE.

I sincerely apologize for the overload of pictures over the next few months... Actually I don't feel that bad at all. I love architecture so so so much! I couldn't believe that these buildings were in downtown london!! It was crazy.

My awesome walk buddies for the day!

My favorite part of today was seeing the Royal Exchange {it's the fancy building on the left side of the picture above}. I was really hoping to read a book about the financial system or the financial districts of the UK but I just didn't get time, or find a book that looked good. But oh well, I still loved it!

I love the Royal Exchange! The heart of the London financial district (:

We also went to this cute little outdoor shopping area! However, every single store was closed??? yeah. disappointment. But the archway/roof thing was great.

After we made it back {like 7 miles later since half the tube stations were closed so we had to keep walking back to the first station we got off of at the beginning of the walk} we headed for Gelato! My first gelato of Europe. SO GREAT.

Then headed home. Tomorrow we get our ward assignments. I can't wait!


p.s. MY CALL HAS BEEN ASSIGNED!! I think that means it'll get to Colorado next week??

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