Friday, September 5, 2014

I live in London!

Before anything else, I want to say that I officially have the most precious newborn nephew in the world! Congrats to Ryan and Tiffany, and welcome to the family baby Richard! I already love/adore you so much and I can’t wait to meet you at Christmas.


In other news, I've arrived!
27 Palace Court. I HAVE A PERMANENT ADDRESS IN ENGLAND. and the BYU London Centre is beautiful!

Today {or yesterday? it's a blur} my parents took me to the airport in Montrose. After some less-than-great quality pictures, I said goodbye and went through security. 35 minute plane ride, 2 ½ hour layover in Denver, 2 hour plane ride to Chicago {see pictures below for proof of the lack of leg room I had. And I’m not even tall}, another 2 hour layover at O’Hare. The lady sitting next to me from Denver asked if I was going to London for business. Yes, she asked if I was going on a business trip {maybe because I was reading a Michael Lewis book?} It was a highlight of the entire flight process.
Luckily {or unluckily?} Ellen’s flight was delayed so she missed a connecting flight and got put on the same plane as me out of Chicago! We met up and then boarded for the last leg of the journey {7 ½ hours of flight time}! On the flight from Chicago to London I was lucky enough to have an empty seat next to me… a luxury most people didn’t get. Ha. Too bad for them. The flight was beautiful and I spent the beginning of it reading and eating yogurt covered raisins {thanks mom!} then sleeping for the last few hours. On another note, United could really work on their meals. I understand that it’s a bit rough to feed a lot of people while thousands of feet in the air… but guys… plane tickets are not cheap and I don't exactly consider 6 small pieces of fruit and a stale roll a "continental breakfast", am I right?? {I would also like to throw out that my final purchase in the USA was a Diet Coke. Not ashamed one bit.} 

shout out to Kels for saving me and basically packing all my stuff while I threw it out of drawers!

and yes, at this point I was reading a book called "How the Stock Market Works". It was quite informative and everyone should read it.
We got to Heathrow and met up with Hannah and headed to the center with a hired driver. Guys. They drive on the wrong side of the road, but more on that later!

all of our adorable study abroad backpacks (:

Once we got here we unpacked and then headed on our first assignment for our "London Walks" class! Yes, we did get lost. But did we eat our first fish and chips in a little cafe dedicated to Princess Diana? Yep, sure did. And I took pictures just incase everyone around us couldn't tell we were tourists/americans {by our awful accents, loudness, confused looks, cameras, maps, etc}.

Things I've learned in my first {half} day here:

It is so nice. If it weren't for sharing a room with 13 other girls {it's a huge room though, so it's ok}, I'm pretty sure I would be convinced that I was staying in a really nice, restored hotel with super modern bathrooms. I'll post more pictures when I'm not tired and lazy, but here's just a couple...

back porch!

>>>I am 100% already in love with this city and I adore the girls that are here too!

>>>I may die in London. If I do, there is a 99.9% chance that it will be because:
             1) I look the wrong way for cars because they drive crazy + on the wrong side of the road
             2) 2nd hand smoke. Holy camoli, everyone smokes here.

>>>Everyone has good style. No t-shirts or jeans on the streets of London.

>>>I thoroughly plan on taking more fun pictures than serious. Sorry Mom. I LOVE YOU!

That's about it for now. Sorry you guys aren't here with me! I love it so much already.



  1. I am so jealous you are in London!! That is one of my dream places to visit. For now I will live vicariously brought your pictures and posts! Have such a fantastic time!!!

  2. I'm sitting here crying because I miss the London Centre so much. Which floor are you living on? When I was there, the guys had the top floor (there were only 3 of them), and I lived in the room on the floor just below that. I hope they've fixed the water heater issues because we had freezing cold showers for a few weeks. Haha but it's all worth it. Make sure you go try Nando's just down the street on Bayswater, and there's a little Vietnamese place on Queensway that's pretty cheap and good. Also make sure you get down to Camden Market ASAP (I know the first few weekends are super busy though). The Bang Bang Chicken there is awesome. And I'm sure you've received a billion suggestions about things to try/do already, but I have TONS more if you ever have a free weekend and don't have anything planned.

    1. Also, take pictures of EVERYTHING in the London Centre!! I heard they renovated it after I left and I want to see what it looks like now.

    2. ahhh, I already know I'll miss this place! I'm on the third floor (or second floor as they call it here), room 2. The guys have the top floor again. The renovation has made it soooo nice! The bathrooms honestly feel like a hotel. The showers are super great (they have little knobs that adjust the water heat to whatever temp you like... except it's in celsius) Everyone has told me Nando's is good... we'll definitely try it soon! I would love more ideas, as well (:

    3. Yeah, the bathrooms were NOT nice when I was there but it was still great. I'll make a list of cool things we did. You'll probably do a lot of them with your program (I assume. I don't really know how much it varies when you get a different professor there) but if not, you'll have lots of suggestions. I also have a London blog from when I went that has a lot of things to do on it. And if you end up traveling I can give you suggestions for Rome, Paris, the Lake District, and Ireland (the Dublin area). You can shoot me an email if you want/have time for suggestions of things to in London. It's But no worries if you don't -- I'm sure you'll explode and find tons of cool things on your own!