Monday, September 8, 2014

I'm pretty sure this is all just a dream...

well... I've realized how hard blogging is when you actually have lots of things to blog about {and you have to read Shakespeare plays before class starts tomorrow}. So I've come to terms with the fact that there is absolutely no way to document everything that I do, but since I adore pictures and memories and that type of stuff, I'm going to try my very best, for my sake. Yesterday we all went to church together since we hadn't gotten our individual assignments yet. It was the cutest ward I have ever seen. There were two different people who had served missions in the ward and were back to visit and who spoke in testimony meeting... which was such a little miracle for me. I always love being reminded why I want to serve a mission! Heavenly Father really is always listening to our prayers! After that, I spent the day enjoying the sun, emailing missionaries, just the usual.

Today was glorious! IT WAS SUNNY! First time I've seen the sun in a few days, that's for sure. First, Ellen and I went running through Kensington Gardens... oh how I wish I would have had something to take pictures with! It was all misty and the entire run I just imagined the last scene of Pride and Prejudice, when Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy finally confess their love and stuff... corny but it seriously looked just like that. Then we toured the Tower of London {don't be deceived... the tower of London is not just one tower. but a little community type thing. way cool. google it.} Then we explored about London, got some delicious asian noodles for lunch, then headed home in hopes of finding the famous Ben's Cookies. At which point we got lost {again. see a recurring theme? life without gps phones is a struggle. plus we stopped and asked for directions, which did the opposite of helping us. whoops}. Finally just found our way home after a couple miles of a detour//NO BENS COOKIES. Then Ellen and I decided to go get a Coke and pick up a peanut butter Kit Kat {I promise I'm eating healthy food too, mom! I bought some apples and stuff}. That adventure was quite the learning experience filled with sketchy supermarkets and pretty blatantly looking like dumb americans who don't know what the British coins look like...

The Tower of London!

Ellen and Aimee!

I may or may not have a slight obsession with all of the beautiful stained glass windows. I blame Hannah.

THIS BIRD ATTACKED US. and yes we screamed and ran away. you don't understand how large it is.

We got to see the crown jewels! plans are underway to steal one of them for hannah's birthday hat. don't you worry.
{that is 100% a complete joke. I would rather not spend the rest of my life in prison}

have this amazingly awkward picture of us. we couldn't get any closer :(

I'm not sure why I don't have a picture with a red phone booth yet... they really are everywhere.

because it's the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Great War, they have a poppy for every single one of their soldiers lost in the battle. it was amazing. it's supposed to look like the tower is bleeding, it was all stunning.

one of the streets we got lost on. not too shabby, right?

this was seriously just in one of the neighborhoods. 

fun fact: most of the major roads have directions telling you which way to look when crossing the street... it's probably saved my life a couple times...

not sure if this is graffiti orrrrr...?

I would say I'm moving up in the world... trying new foods and whatnot.

Ellen dancing all the way to the sketchy super market!

our dinner was cheese and crackers, bread, grapes, and stuffed figs. better than the cannon center, I would say!
I always have to remind myself that this is my life and I am actually living in London like I've always dreamed of. So far, it definitely hasn't disappointed!



-touring the white tower
-being told our accents were "rather mild"
-Ellen and I having a Jamaican lady yell "you go, girls" as we ran past eachother
-trying new foods {aka peanut butter kit kats}
-seeing the sun// 70 degress
-getting to talk to my family yesterday!
-Kate and William are expecting baby #2!!

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  1. There's a Ben's Cookies in Covent Garden that's not too hard to find. :) I can't tell you which side it's located on because I never knew what was north/south/east/west without mountains. Also be sure to try a jacket potato when you're there! Can't remember the name of the place but wander around and you'll find it.