Saturday, September 20, 2014

london walks: walk on the wild side.

Today we walked along the south side of the Thames River. London is a unique city in that it is divided by a river. In the earlier period of the city, this divide led to the build up of 'london suburbs' and "a theatre district, with a great deal of violent games and lawlessness." However, this also created a place of great theatrical support... including Shakespeare! Today, the two sides of the city are connected by several bridges. Evidence of Shakespeare are everywhere, but overall this part of the city has improved. The walk is full of modern buildings, restaurants & markets, plus lots of bridges. I was surprised just how nice it was. I focused my attention on the bridges that connect the two sides of London, thus allowing for equal economic growth (and elimination of this 'wild side' and ghetto), along with the history Shakespeare left from his period during the time of the 'wild side' on the south bank of the Thames River.

The first step of the walk was crossing the Tower Bridge.

One of the bridges we walked by was the Millennium Bridge. (Do you recognize it from Harry Potter?!)

One of the other 7 bridges that were on this walk was the Blackfriars Bridge.
Southwark Bridge
A smaller bridge!

Southwark Cathedral... this held a statue and tribute to William Shakespeare and is considered the second greatest Gothic building in London next to Westminster Abbey.

The Globe Theater (replica constructed in 1997). The Globe Theater was the main stage for most of Shakespeare's plays.

We got to see the original site of the Globe Theater

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