Monday, September 22, 2014

castles and salisbury cathedral.

the first day of our trip involved an ancient castle called Old Sarum {aka some rocks//walls that were basically in ruins... but still way cool}. Old Sarum was a major centre before Salisbury cathedral was built. I mean, we're talking around 1100 AD. yeah. that's cool.

met the queen of England, what'd you do?

Do you understand why I love these girls?? They're cute.
Next stop was Salisbury! The town itself was adorable! {and all the boys walking around in suits was a good plus. I'm seriously considering leaving BYU to finish up university in England. it may happen} Then we went to the Cathedral! Wow. holy camoli. It was breathtaking. I can't even explain it. Salisbury Cathedral took less than 40 years to build and is MASSIVE. and amazing. and great. and wow. words can't even describe how much I loved it.

this was a real place. just a random building in Salisbury. oh my goodness.

if this doesn't remind you of Harry Potter I don't know what would.

At this point, you may be asking yourself "are they really going to take a jumping picture in front of every site they visit" and the answer is yes, yes we are.

I think I've realized that I have a slight obsession with stainglass windows...

And that was the first half of day one! {and also a good reason why I was exhausted after this trip. every day is so jam packed!}

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