Monday, September 1, 2014

late night food runs and good byes.

well... let's be honest, this is probably my last post before London! {especially with my slacking blog skills over this last summer} I can't believe how fast the last couple of days have gone by! And in case you're wondering, I still haven't even pulled out my suitcase to pack yet. ooops. Life has been pretty busy. proof:

Ice cream and Harry Potter with Kels
morning jogs have probably become my favorite part of the day. probably because I live in such a beautiful place ^^

Celebrating/mourning my last night at the theater! 3 years since I started working there, and I loved {almost} every moment of it! My coworkers were the bomb. ...and mark was a bonus since he doesn't work actually work there

Marissa was baptized! WOW. it was the best baptism ever.

Nathan gave his farewell talk! {and yes, I'm short} This kid is awesome, Ecuador is so lucky.

this is actually from forever ago, but our adventures this summer have been great.

Mom: Let's take a picture!
Us: make funny faces
Mom: No, serious picture!
Us: *immediately makes an even dorkier face*

We dropped him off at BYU today!
I said goodbye to my Prius today {"my" as in "my parents prius since they paid for it but just let me call it mine"} I'll sure miss you, my sweet little MJ. It's been real. We've had some great memories over the last year.
Guys, I went through some serious BYU withdrawls today. Serious. Dropping Zach off and getting to see Cady one last time was so bittersweet. I love BYU with all of my heart. Just seeing all those awesome kids walking around... ahhhh. While I was in the bookstore I started talking to two guys behind me in line and they just invited me to watch the game with them this weekend. Talk about me missing friendly {and handsome} people like them! {dang london. ruining my hanging-out-with-handsome-rms social life.} Also, when they asked me what year I was, it was the best feeling in the world to be able to say "sophomore" because I lost far too many conversations last year to the freshmen factor. Thank you for getting older. TWO YEARS TILL I'M BACK AT BYU, BABY. And in case you're wondering, right after those two {handsome} boys invited me to their football game watching party I told them I was leaving for a study abroad, so we started talking about that. Then my mom walked up and loudly exclaimed "and she turned in her mission papers yesterday!" dang, killer of a conversation. even more so than the freshmen thing. It's a rough life, ya know. *sigh* it's all good.

Tomorrow we head back home, then I'll have a solid 36 hours to pack for London! Then the real adventures begin (:


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