Saturday, September 13, 2014

london walks, the Globe, and adventures galore.

guess what?

1. I just got back from a trip to Stonehenge, several castles, Roman Baths, and the beach. But no, I'm not blogging about that right now. That'll be the next post. This post is to catch up. {and because I have a solid 500 pictures from the last three days and I can't bring myself to go through them right now}
2. MY MISSION CALL IS HERE. seriously. a scan of the letter is sitting in my email right now. and has been for a day. and I open it tomorrow. definitely mixed feelings. definitely.

 >>>We got to go to The Globe to watch Comedy of Errors which we read for our first assignment in Humanities. I really am not a huge fan of Shakespeare {he's a genius, just not my favorite person to read} but seeing the play was great! ...very entertaining and a lot easier to understand once it was portrayed by an actor. The Globe was wonderful! We were "groundlings" which means we stood through the entire play. But worth it!

>>> We went to a 5 story tall toy store. I repeat: FIVE STORIES of toys. it was magnificent.

^full size lego replica of price harry^
>>> We did our second and third London Walks {which I'll post eventually, so I can turn them in} and found a great little crepes place. let's face it, crepes and hot chocolate are my weakness. WE ARE GONNA BE FAMOUS. no but actually. we were walking through this square and heard a music type thing coming from somewhere {like improve rap}. then the voice started telling us to stand in the middle of the "X" in the courtyard. so we did and they started singing a song about us. super hard to explain, but afterwards we found out they were filming a Toyota commercial. We signed some release forms then went our way. A couple days ago we got an email with more papers to sign and the lady told us that we were being put in the final cut because we were so clever! hahahahaha yes. so there's a very good chance I'm going to be in a European Toyota commercial. True story.

we may have found a wedding and casually watched the bride and groom for a bit...

the toyota lady!!!!

Ellen just being a statue, no biggie
Wow. this post was a little crazy, but I am exhausted. So... until tomorrow! {WHEN I POST ABOUT MY MISSION CALL AHHHHH} And until I post my last couple london walks plus our trip to the southwestern part of England!

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