Thursday, September 25, 2014

glastonbury tor & bath.

Day three was just as eventful as the previous two days!

We first stoped at Glastonbury Tor. This was another trek. and hannah and I wore the wwrroonngg shoes {see pictures below}. It was a good time and the view at the top was incredible.

proof that this was the most epic trek of the study abroad yet.

jumping picture number... ???

yes, we made a pretty bad decision on our choice of footwear...
view from the top! I am in love with the English countryside.
Next we headed to Bath. A couple things about this place: Jane Austin lives there plus it's where the Roman Baths are {hence the name}. At first we started walking around London and kept noticing that all these people were dressed up in Jane Austin era dresses. We were pretty convinced that this must be normal and all these people were crazy. Turns out there was a 10 day Jane Austin conference in Bath {goal. in. life.} So that made sense.

Wells Cathedral! {this was actually before we got to bath but}

The Royal Crescent!

Frannie! This is the daughter of one of the professors and I love her! She is absolutely hilarious.


I love Bath. and England.

Bath Cathedral.

ice cream + cathedrals + Ellen = good life

Roman Baths!
And that was the end of that trip! Wow, picture overload. Overall, I fell in love with England. I'm never coming home.

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