Saturday, September 20, 2014

london walks: westward from the city- theater walk.

A group of us went on the Theater Walk. This walk was quite the adventure... we were very tight on time and there was a big group of us. However, we were still able to really enjoy it. It is titled the "Theater Walk" but the dozens of monuments along the path were the first thing I noticed. This walk took us through the streets lined with theaters and gave us a better sense of that area of London, all while teaching us things about famous people! I noticed that the monuments in this area of London grant special attention to Egyptian motifs (as evident in several pictures below) or give overviews on important figures in British history. These figures would be as familiar to the average English person as statues of presidents or famous leaders would be to an American. This walk was very enjoyable because we were able to find several theaters we want to attend, and we were able to read about great people in England's history. This was also my first experience in Trafalgar Square, which I loved!

The Obelisk was the first monument we saw.

Who knew the Sphinx was in London??

Statue of Arthur Sullivan in The Savoy.

Yet another statue!

Statue of Henry Irving behind the National Gallery.

Monument in the center of Trafalgar Square.

"I'm on a horse"

The benches had the same Egyptian influence that the first monument had! 

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