Tuesday, September 16, 2014

london walks: mayfair.

We took our second London walk through a part of London called "Mayfair". Before we began the walk, we read through the Historical Context section of the walk book. I enjoyed learning more about May Day and the Roman roots from which it came. This walk was different from our first walk because it became apparent how London encompasses history. Everywhere we turned, we were surrounded by evidence of hundreds of years: churches, old architecture, memorials, or statues. Along with this history, we also saw how a modern-day London is affected by efforts for upkeep- from simple things like fresh flowers on every street or the bustling Carnaby Street market that is very well maintained. Although seemingly small, things like this add to the charm of London. This walk was great because we found places we will come back to another day!

"Church of the Immaculate Conception" was my favorite church on this walk!

The architecture out of this church was very detailed.

The Berlin Wall memorial was great to see!

Architecture like this surrounded us all through the walk.

I'm thinking that London really enjoys clocks? They seem to be everywhere!

Grosvenor Square was very neat... and full of statues of American presidents! London shows us how cultured a city should be.

Flowers are everywhere and really add to London's beauty!

Carnaby Street!

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