Sunday, September 1, 2013

so. BYU is the best.

I'm here to tell you that I'm in love with college. obviously, it probably won't be quite this fun once school starts and there's homework and stuff, but till then, it's FANTASTIC! I've gone to four awesome dances, watched boys play sand volleyball until one a.m., gone to soccer games, and hung out with the most amazing people ever. Finally, I feel like I truly belong somewhere! Somewhere that it's completely normal to say an opening prayer before the college women's soccer game, where everything seems to turn into something gospel oriented, saying a prayer with my roommates before we go somewhere is completely not weird, randomly introducing yourself and becoming best friends with just about everyone, and where {for the most part} every single person has the same standards as me. Everyone here is so friendly. I seriously mean everyone.

The girls in my hall are amazing. It's so fun to always have our doors open, for random conversations to start as we walk by each others rooms, and to take pictures mimicking the boys. {yep, we're cool like that.}

I mean, this is only a small handful of the girls, but just trust me that they are all awesome!

Well, I should go to bed, but I just thought I'd stop in to brag about this wonderful little thing called BYU.

Erica Michelle

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