Thursday, September 5, 2013

yet another list.

I'm sorry guys, I promise this "so excited to be at college" thing will go away soon! In the meantime however, I've compiled a list of random stuff that I've learned in the last week. ready, set, go.

1. College is a lot more work then high school. I guess I knew that was going to happen, but it still was a shocker when I found out that my humanities class has 77 pages of reading for homework. SEVENTY-SEVEN PAGES. really, thus far {having only gone to 3 days of classes, I suppose} it's mainly just work, not really, really hard or anything, there's just a lot of it.

this is how I've spent my evenings {ok, ok, I have done some socializing too...}

2. I absolutely love my hall. this is hanging on our bathroom doors.

"just Chris Pine wishing YOU a good first day of college! You'll do great!"

3. Provo is sorta pretty. ok, it's pretty. I'm still a Colorado girl, but it's not too awful here {minus the inability to see many stars}

sorry, this picture is just from my iphone as I was walking home from classes a today
4. I have yet to be to a class where some reference to the gospel wasn't made. even in orchestra.

yeah, I like this place.

5. I feel like I'm 5 again. I mean, seriously. I have classes with like 24 years olds. it's weird, I tell you.

Well, I have more homework, so I'm off! I'm soo sorry I've disapeared and I haven't responded to any of your comments! Between school, church, talking with the girls on my hall {yes, we're guilty of staying up much too late}, and just having lots of fun in general, there's not much time to be blogging! {or pinterest-ing or instagram-ing}

Erica Michelle


  1. Erica, you can see stars in Provo as well as you can in Montrose. You just have to get away from all the campus lights. Go to the tree streets or up the canyon.

  2. I remember how shocking the first semester of college was as far as workload--they definitely expect a lot when you aren't used to the pace of college classes, but it is fun!!