Monday, September 23, 2013

the holy war.

that's what people here call it. the rivalry against Utah.

we lost.

I really am not being a bitter fan when I say that it was partially the refs fault. but actually... I don't even know anything about football and I could tell.

My wonderful roomie (:

stolen from someone on facebook... relavant

I am a failure guys. I didn't take ONE SINGLE PICTURE at the game. not even one. not even of our awesome seats, not even of Joseph and I's matching shirts {seriously, we were like the only ones in the stadium with this type of shirt}, not even of the awesome group! nothing. I am an awful blogger. NOT ONE PICTURE.

nonetheless. it was an absolutely fantastic day! so great. even though we made a bet and now owe 4 boys breakfast.

I promise I am going to hop back on the blogging train... it's just been crazy!

{oh, and tonight we made a music video in response to some boys in our ward. it was legit.}

Erica Michelle

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