Saturday, September 21, 2013

I'm running out of titles for these posts.

Last night was... pretty dang hilarious. Only at BYU do things like this happen.

So, after watching some random kid open his mission call, Kit and I went to watch some of the boys play Ultimate Frisbee! I am convinced you can't be a freshmen boy at BYU without liking Ultimate. Seriously though, it's like one person pulls out the frisbee in the middle of the dorm lawn, then all of a sudden, there are like 30 people. But this game was for their intramural team:

see, even the sign is wrapped in plastic!

I'm sorry that the quality of my blog photos are slowly going down hill! I've found that my phone is the easiest thing to carry around and, well, my phone is not the greatest camera.

Well, we ended up walking around, playing video games at The Wall, and walking around some more.

And now, Utah VS. BYU!! {and more homework}

Erica Michelle

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