Friday, September 20, 2013

dating games and random whatnot.

So... over the past few days I've learned that I work really well at the library, BYU is the funniest place on Earth {possibly}, and there is never a dull moment at college!

let's start with why BYU is strange//never a dull moment. Exhibit A:

Wednesday night we went to "The Dating Games". The boy {or girl} sat behind the wall and asked the contestants 3 questions. Then they choose who wins the date! Auburn won a date (: and Cady did awesome {and totally should have won a date} It was hilarious to say the least!

So it was Sara's birthday and we decorated her door...

Also, it's rivalry week {Utah vs. BYU!} so all the statues are wrapped in plastic so that they don't get painted red. It's just a little funny.... so Sam and I took some pictures (:

Well... I have quite the pile of homework, and plans for tonight, so later (:  Sorry, there really is even more I could talk about, but time is short, so adios!

Erica Michelle

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