Monday, September 2, 2013

the randomness that I forgot to mention.

{first, please ignore the AWFUL pictures in this post} oh goodness guys! I realized I forgot to mention so much! A few days ago I got to go to the Women's soccer team with a huge group of kids... it was absolutely fantastic.

Sunday night was ward prayer and visiting hours- so great! {plus church, but I blogged about that}

Today I spent the morning watching an Ultimate Frisbee tournament {possibly a new favorite sport to watch}

then the afternoon was going to Jamba Juice with an awesome kid named Sterling {see Sterling, you made the blog if you're actually reading this!}, then bowling with some of the kids from the ward.

Then tonight was a ward social plus we found out who our FHE family is! I'm so stinkin exciting for this year (:

We ended up walking home from the Wilk back to our room in pouring rain {ignore the awful picture, and notice how drenched we are}

sorry, this isn't our room... 

It wasn't even too cold! Just a little soaking wet. Well, seeing as I sorta have homework, and classes start tomorrow... I'm off! Hope everyone is having a great day (:

Erica Michelle

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