Thursday, September 12, 2013

parachute concert.

that's right, folks. I went to my first concert! And, remember how I'm absolutely in love with the band Parachute? Like, since the day that I downloaded their song from the weekly free iTunes {literally, over 2 years ago}? yep. I saw them in concert. and I swear, it was the best night of my life. It started out with Sam texting me when I was in Boston that they were going to be in Salt Lake... and we've sorta been counting down the days. And it was totally worth it.

We rode the front runner up to salt lake {ah, the hassles} and got there right in time!

I had a late class, so Sam went to SLC earlier and we all followed (: aren't the girls from my hall awesome?? {photo cred to Ty}

The first band that opened for Parachute was called Paradise Fears. and let me tell you, they may be a new favorite! I had never heard of them, but no worries, I now have some of the music... oh, and a picture with the lead singer (:

Have I told you that this was honestly the best night ever? I mean, I got to spend the night singing along and dancing to my favorite band with my best friend.

Check out her blog because she'll blog about the concert too!

We tried to take a few pictures... which didn't exactly work out due to a major lack of lighting-

Right after the concert we headed back to the train station. Unfortunately, we missed the train and the next one didn't leave for an hour and a half, and we were quite hungry. Long story short, we got on a train into the town, and realized that basically every restaurant closes before 11, and we got some faulty taco bell directions. this is the point when I would say hashtag-roaming-around-salt-lake-city {don't worry Mom, we were safe (: } We ended up rushing into Applebees and boy, those people were nice and they had our food out quick enough we didn't miss the train :D

We got back around 1-ish, and then it was homework time {for me, at least}

Oh, well. It was most definitely worth it. Best first time concert experience I could have asked for!! Bucket list item crossed off!

Erica Michelle

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  1. One of my roommates went, and she LOVED it. I stumbled across your blog and it's adorable! New follower!