Wednesday, October 16, 2013

tunnel singing//mail from home.

no, but actually. I went how many weeks into school without being late to a single class? Like 7 weeks. without being late to one class... then came this morning. Last night I had decided to go to bed really early- like, midnight. {my average bedtime is around 2 or 3 so midnight is a big deal}. Then you know what happened? I somehow woke up enough to go get my phone, turn off the alarm, then fall asleep again. And then... I woke up at the exact time I usually LEAVE my dorm. DO YOU SEE THE PROBLEM HERE? The impressive part of this whole story is that I was only 3 minutes late... the professor was still on the announcements for the day. That's right. Yay for messy buns, throwing on jeans, and basically jogging to class. Lesson learned, I will never be late again, I promise you that. I felt awful. Also, it was most definitely a rough start to a day.

Sunday I went tunnel singing for the first time! It was absolutely amazing and I can't believe how lucky I am to go to a college that has awesome traditions like that! After the singing, we completed the night with hot chocolate and popcorn {thanks for sending the extra mugs, mom (: }

I also got a package from home... and trust me, it came at the perfect time. Sometimes, college classes make me wish for high school. and I'm mainly in freshmen classes. what're classes going to be like in a couple years??

Life here is great. Even on not-so-good days, it's really great getting to come back to such awesome girls. Ahh, how lucky I am to be here (:

Well, this is going to be another night of going to bed early, so I'm off! Hope everyone is having a great week!

Erica Michelle

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