Sunday, October 20, 2013

roomie photoshoots & a bucket list.

So... Kayla and I had a photo shoot yesterday! {yeah, two in one day}. I can not even tell you how awesome she is and how grateful I am to have gotten to know her and to be her roommate! She's basically amazing.

Exhibit A, B, C:

No... but seriously. She is the sweetest! Plus, she lets me take a million pictures of her!!

And we set up the tripod and tried to take cute roomie pics together (:

And she takes pictures of me because everyone needs new twitter profile pictures, right?!

And here comes my absolute favorite picture ever...

We also made a bucket list for the year. and may I say... it is going to be the best. year. ever.

and we now have the list hanging on our wall, and it will keep getting added on to! {the bucket list ranges from foods we want to try, dates we want to go on, temples we want to visit, movies we want to see... and so, so much more}

I hope all of you are having a wonderful Sunday!

Erica Michelle

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