Friday, October 18, 2013

what do you title this?

Back on the best vacation ever!

today I spent HOURS on homework. to be specific, hours on one paper. which I wrote, then had to delete, then completely re-wrote. plus, it was my first time being sick away from home. Goodness gracious, it was not the best day I've ever had {poor Kayla... she is the best roomie ever, I mean, she offered me chocolate!}. Mom, I just want to say how thankful I am for everything you would do for me! Today made me appreciate and miss it. {and don't worry, I'm feeling better now}

Now, I'm off to finish some more homework... as the hall girls would say, #thestruggle

Don't worry, I have a feeling that the rest of the weekend will be great! (:

Erica Michelle

{see, I told you my blog is turning more and more into a journal...}

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