Friday, May 3, 2013

the great gatsby.

Introducing a new feature on my blog! I decided that since I'm a huge lover of books (that is an understatement) I will start blogging about what I read.


Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Written: 1925
Setting: New York City in early 1920's
Where I got it: School Library

So, there were two reasons I read this book. 1) Because I remembered reading it last year and I really liked it. 2) I had to choose a book of 'literary worth' to write my final paper on in AP English.

well... first of all, you should know that I was totally planning on doing this essay on Jane Eyre, but when I started writing that essay I realized that it was going to turn out to crap. So, I decided to change it last minute (as in 2 days before the paper was due). FYI it was due today. I spent ALL DAY reading it yesterday. I read the entire thing in 1 day. and wrote a pretty dang good essay on it too.

This is probably one of my favorite books (i know, i know, i say that after ever single new book I read). I had completely forgotten how good it was.

is it a tragedy? yes. but it's beautiful. the language and the theme and gatsby himself are so well written, how could you not love this book? before I read it, I was absolutely physicked to go to the movie, but after I finished it I decided that I don't think a movie will do ANY justice whatsoever to this work of literature. I don't know. Yes, I'll still be there on opening night, but mainly so I can critique it and complain about my dislike of the movie and how it's not following the book for the entire length of the movie.

I decided that I'm going to introduce a new little feature to my blog... book ratings! my rating for this book?

The Great Gatsby: 9.9/10

It's a pretty clean book for what it's writing about, and the language is clean for the most part. loved it! new favorite book!

Erica Michelle

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