Thursday, May 23, 2013

graduation party.

so... like three days late, but this was my graduation party:

(my sister made me a smash sign in book! it was adorable!!)


yep... we had a real keg of rootbeer! hence the reason for me making that cute "stone-cold sober" poster (: the other "rise and shout" poster was a printable I had repinned on my byu/college board on pinterest! We had sooo many people show up! It was definitely awesome having that much support (: oh, and one of the presents I got included BYU colored toms... true story. (yes, that's my fourth pair of toms. no judging.)

Then Sunday night after graduation (from 8 pm to 2 am) there was a senior party! They put tons of effort into this party, and have TONS of cash and prizes to give away. I won 40 bucks! Plus another five in the money box thing (seriously, you go into a box and money flies all over and you try to grab it). It also included sumo wrestling, rock wall climbing, jousting, gambling, air relay races, food, and pictures!
Definitely one of the most fun nights of my life! Now I'll blog about my first official day of summer, seminary graduation, and an awesome graduation present from my parents called... a 15 inch macbook pro (: yes, it's been a good past few days!

Erica Michelle


  1. So exciting! Congratulations! Following <3 Alex

  2. How fun! Congratulations on graduating! The keg of root beer is such a cool idea!

    Xo, Kelsey

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