Thursday, May 16, 2013

goodbye choir.

So, Monday night was the last choir concert! Sooo bittersweet. so so so bittersweet. Chamber Choir goes last, so I sat through the entire beginning of the concert telling myself that I wouldn't cry. but... as you'll see in the pictures that didn't work.

We sang the first songs... all was well and good... then the awards. The seniors got recognized, then awards that the choir voted on (I got the leadership award!!), then the scholarship. Then the National School Choral Award. (That's the top choir award that 2 students in the entire choral program get). And, completely to my surprise, I got it! Along with Taylor (remember the one from Adam's state?) I was soooo honored!

(see the plaque that the lady on the left is holder? yeahh, my name is gonna be engraved on that and hung in the school!!)

After the awards, we sang the last song. man oh man, the entire alto section was bawling our eyes out by the end of the song with mrs. leu. It didn't help that this is the song that the seniors got to choose: (this isn't us singing it, however)

It was a really sad moment. Some of these girls have been with me in every single choir class. It's weird to think that next year, I'll start out in a choir knowing NO ONE. Choir has been the best experience I could have asked for, even on the days I would have rather had an open hour. Gosh, I can't believe it's over.

That was it. Another goodbye that was amazingly hard. and once again, I know I won't miss high school, but I sure will miss memories like this.

The next day of choir Mrs. Leu surprised us with Picardy Third shirts!!! (inside joke...)

and I wrote my senior note in my folder. I always loved reading the notes of seniors from a few years ago, so I hope I offered some decent advice to whoever gets folder #24 next year!

Erica Michelle

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