Friday, May 3, 2013

tennis regionals.

my last year on the tennis team... regionals? great!

sunburns, immaturity, self-portrait, olive garden, and sharpie tattoos.
what else could I ask for? we even got two girls to state (first time since my freshman year!). I got to quarter finals, then Cortez beat me (remember the girl that rolled her ankle? yeah... it was that girl.) anways, I didn't take many pictures because I was having too much fun!

We started out our tuesday by having a team lunch at the park! then we left for grand junction right after school was out!

after a few pictures with colleen (my doubles partner last year and the other team captain!) we got to junction...

we practices while coach went to the coaches meetings, which took forrreeevvvvaaaa... so we walked to mcdonalds (which I had not eaten dinner at for about 10 years... mcdonalds. is. gross.)

of course, that involved playing in the play place!

then the next day came with awesomeness. playing a few matches (won one, lost one) then sharpie tattoos on evvveerryyoonnee and cheering on all the other girls! and falling asleep in the sun... and waking up like a lobster, true story.

my sharpie tattoo!

hey there tennis tan lines...

unless you were playing, it was FREEZING cold. seriously, while we were watching 3 doubs on wednesday, I honestly thought I was going to freeze. yeah... looks sunny? wrong, stupid colorado wind chill.

overall though, I'm gonna miss these girls, and this team, and high school tennis. seriously so much. (but I'm saving that goodbye post for after the team banquet).

yep! and my tennis tanlines? as bad a ever!

Erica Michelle

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