Friday, May 17, 2013

last week of high school.

goodness, time has flown by! Monday and Tuesday were full of finals, ice cream, and studying. (seriously, those three and only things). Tuesday, as all the seniors were driving away from their last day of high school, the AP US history kids were gearing up for another APUSH study session. seriously. congrats to us.
Wednesday, when all the seniors were sleeping in, AP US History students were taking a 4 hour test at 7:30 in the morning... how'd it go? actually... I seriously think I may have possibly passed it!!! whooooo hooo!!! Then our teacher bought us pizza to bribe us into coming back to school and telling him how the test went, and it definitely worked. Then, I completed my MHS withdrawal form!!! seriously, officially outta that place.

then shopping with kelsey and the tennis banquet.

today was graduation practice. it was hot. really really hot. and it ended with the weirdest surprise EVER.

so, there we were, taking our senior class picture, and they start playing the Mission Impossible theme. I totally thought they just wanted some music (my school plays music a lot), then out of no where this helicopter was flying over us. I kinda thought "wow! what a coincidence! how funny is that?" then the helicopter flew back around....

and landed on the feild!

then the superintendent of school jumps out of the helicopter, hands a briefcase to this lady, then gets back in and flies away!

did your school have a helicopter at your graduation practice? I think not.

turns out that our theme for the senior party is spies and stuff like that... soooo, dang awesome. ok?

then Sam, Kelly, Kelsey, Kym, and I had our annual end-of-the-year chinese food lunch!

signing the AP history ceiling tile!!

Then, last night, the girls all had a sleepover. only this one was really special. we all bought notebooks that we filled with our favorite memories, pictures, inside jokes, anything! it was absolutely amazing. I couldn't have gotten through high school without these girls!

(that's root beer in case you were wondering...)

Erica Michelle


  1. that sleepover sounds like so much fun! When I graduated we definitely didn't have a helicopter, so I'm a little jealous about how cool your school is!

    1. It was fun! And the helicopter thing was cool... sadly, it was basically the highlight of my high school experience!