Friday, March 29, 2013

seminary. school. scholarship. tennis.

you see that tittle right there? yep. that sums up my entire last few weeks. Get up around 6:45, go to seminary, then school, then tennis, then come home (if I'm lucky... usually I have things to do after tennis), do homework, do scholarships, go to bed between 12-3 a.m. depending on my amount of homework and which scholarships are due. Really, if I get to bed before midnight, I consider it going to bed VERY early. And I've come up with the best time-saving methods. Braiding my hair before bed, waking up and eating breakfast like it was a race, then brushing my teeth then changing. On the way to seminary I take out the braid, put some hair spray when I get out of my car at the church, then after seminary put on mascara. and wall-ah... hello to looking like a hobo!!

So, like I said... I've been doing tons and tons of scholarships. AANNDD yesterday I heard back from the very first scholarship

{drumroll please}


I was sooo excited!

Second, seminary (as always) is so much fun. and once again, my seminary teacher is better than yours. the end.

 we tied our selves together and went on an Easter Egg hunt! (then, the Easter eggs had scripture mastery's we had to look up... be jealous of my awesome seminary teacher, she is better than yours.) Sam blogged about it too.

then yesterday was the assembly. National Honor Society just concluded raising money for Pennies for Patients within our school... and because MHS rasied almost $850 we had teacher willing to do awesome things... dress up like Blanche from Streetcar Named Desire (that was my AP English teacher...), my sophomore Bio teacher who got a pie in the face thrown by his wife, and three coaches who agreed to do an obstacle course... that was hilarious. AANNDD I had to talk in front of the whole school, which was quite nerve-wracking, and is probably the reason I didn't join student council.

(picture from Gerke MHS FB page).

I then had a tennis match... which I lost in a tie breaker 5-7 :(

but, oh well!! the rest of the team won though, so it all worked out! After our match (mine took forever and a day) Kelsey, Me and my parents went to Qdoba, then Kelsey and I and some other friends went to the school play... let me tell ya, that was one of the funniest plays I've ever been to!

And last but not least... today is the first day of spring break!! So... that means that I'm off to clean, do homework, and complete some scholarships! yay for senior year *sarcasm*

Erica Michelle


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