Thursday, March 14, 2013

tennis season.

wow! can't believe it's actually tennis time again... this year is flying by (but yet it seems like it's going so slow). Well, you know how I couldn't decide between tennis and orchestra? yep... I'm doing both. granted, I have no time anymore (I didn't really before, either), but I'm thinkin' it's worth it. these girls mean soo much to me, I can't believe that I've been able to be on a team with some of them for years.

the seniors!

we won our first match 4-3 (I won 6-1 6-0!!... though I won't be that lucky anymore probably) and we head to the first big event of the season tomorrow... western slope open! I'm so excited for an overnight trip with the team(:

this season is going to be the best!

erica michelle

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