Thursday, April 4, 2013

spring break. {part 1}.

family, friends, prom-date-asking, all nighters, everything.

spring break has been the most interesting week of my life so far. really, I actually mean that. just in the five days off I've gotten a ton of sleep, then none, I've laughed, and cried a lot (i'll get to that story) and I've driven half of colorado it feels like. so... here goes a million pictures and an overload of stories from my dramatic life.

Danielle, Jayson, Evan, and Caitlin came into town for Easter. Can I just say that I have the cutest nephew and niece in the entire world? hate to brag... but please appreciate the following pictures. Obviously, the most fun activity is watering dead plants. and of course... the easter egg hunt!

they are the cutest (:

So... there you go... the cutest kids in the entire world!

Easter Dinner was also a success... my new goal is to get my mom a pinterest, so we started practicing our craftiness! We made the cutest rice crispy birds nests... don't worry, that'll be a blog post!

Then the whole family left... so I had to turn my attention to other important things...

Saturday night Katie and I drove up to Paonia for Lexi and Jacob's choir dessert show... it was pretty cool! Then tuesday, after much planning I did this:

So, my dear blog, this is Jacob. He lives in Paonia and we went to Paonia's prom together last year, and I thought to myself, I would love to go to prom with him this year! sooo... I asked him!

Let me tell you, if there is only one reason in the entire universe that I was born a girl, it's the fact that I wouldn't be able to ask people to prom. Seriously, I was soo nervous!

So, yepp.. I have a prom date and I couldn't be more excited! We're doubling with Katie and Nate!

So, let me tell you about my week spend with Katie and doing LOTS of FCCLA. Monday we started working at ten. Katie had to drive us around because my car was in the shop getting a new manifold (is that spelled right?).
Then we worked all day, and decided to let ourselves have a break and go see The Host. Can I just say the The Host is one of my favorite books, and I didn't have anything {really} to complain about the movie? I'm one of those people you have watching movies with because I tell you have much better the book is throughout the entire thing. But I actually really really liked The Host. Ya'lls should go watch it! Not to mention that seeing movies is ten times better if you get in free. Ya'lls should also work at a movie theater...

So monday night we were up until 1 working on FCCLA. (State is next week). Then tuesday we woke up. We had this sorta a plan: drive to Paonia to ask Jacob to prom, come back, I had a tennis match, then work on FCCLA. We were driving to my house to get my car to drive to Paonia, and my mom calls and is all like "Your match is away in Junction" and we were like CRAAPPPPP, there isn't enough time! Turns out that this is what we did:

Drove 1 1/2 hours to Paonia. Drove 1 hour to Grand Junction. Then drove back... the drive back was interesting though... my car started making this super weird sound, then it started smelling super bad. (think burning oil smell). So katie and I pull over, look around the car, then start driving again. And it starts smelling again. At this point, I was basically convinced that my car was going to blow up, so we started freaking out and called my mom. (luckily she was only a few miles behind us because she had come up to watch the match). So she got there, we called my dad, then my mom drove my car and we drove my moms. Turns out my new manifold is even more broken then the old one... I'm not sure what that means, but now I get to drive around my little old car that is now 100 times louder than it was before... that's pretty freakin loud. But it's gonna get fixed again, so whhheeewww.

Anyways, Tuesday night we went to bed at 7.


not 7 p.m.


and we were strictly working on FCCLA. for 12 hours straight. nothing else.

but it did get funny, at about 5:15 we were fighting over where to put a picture. I guess two 17 year old girls have a hard time getting along after no sleep. BBUUTT we found a solution. we stopped what we were doing a ate a bowl of cereal. It instantly fixed the problem! And, I'm not sure what, something was soooo hilarious, we were LITERALLY, I mean actually laying on the floor laughing then crying because we were laughing so hard.

see that clock? 6:46 a.m... when we were heading to bed.

Wednesday we presented our FCCLA project to my mom. Not to brag or anything, but this is the best presentation we've ever given. Our visuals are AMAZING.

My mom loved it. So we presented it to our FCCLA adviser...

sometime, if you see me in person, I'll tell you a very long and dramatic story. but long story short, she said no to us going to State.

don't worry, I spent the rest of the day crying. literally bawling my eyes out for hours. it's sad that FCCLA may end this way.

but on a happier note, I still have a couple days left of spring break! I best use them well!! and Katie spent the night last night and we didn't even talk about our FCCLA project!! (yes, that's three nights in a row that I've spent the night with Katie).
Erica Michelle

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