Sunday, March 24, 2013

tennis team dinner.

so, I know I've mentioned this... but I love my tennis team so so so so so very much. every year I wonder how the next year could be better, but somehow it always is. and last year is pretty hard to beat...

on Friday we had our first tennis team dinner at my house! ahhh, these girls (and manager) are soooo fun! the night was full of Just Dance 3, ping pong, fuse ball, sloppy joes, and harry potter.

ummm... yeahhh, I don't know either.

this is possibly the best picture ever.

this girl graduated last year, but she's back for spring break... so obviously we made her come!

a movie night without harry potter is no movie night at all.

and that was a night full of fun and amazingness! I am soooo blessed to have such a wonderful team to end my senior year with (:

Erica Michelle

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