Saturday, March 2, 2013

best friends.

you know that point when you realize that something is going to change, and you just really really really don't want it to?

i guess i finally realized that. my best friends.

 Sam, Kelly, Kelsey, Kym.

let me tell you about us. kym, kelly, kelsey and i have been BEST FRIENDS since 7th grade. sam moved in 8th grade and joined the group (yes, i wasn't very nice the first couple of months... but since then she's become an amazing friend). and we're all going our separate ways.

maybe i should tell you about us. first of all, WE HARDLY EVER FIGHT. and i swear to you, 100% of our fights end within hours, and with an explanatory letter. (especially kelly and i, we've really only had one fight and it ended in chocolate and super long hand written letters). when we fight, we don't go telling other people stuff about each other, we don't post it all over facebook, we don't start any drama, etc, like most teenage girls. we know everything about each other. in 8th grade we filled up 4 composition books with just our notes to each other. we made a quilt together. but most importantly we've had the best memories.

people say they have the best best friends...

they are wrong. i do.

we were told to make a funny face... and the girls in the back couldn't decide on one, while kelsey and i were... just being our weird selves...

they're amazing. beyond amazing. i love them more than any other non-related people in the entire universe. and, yes i know we're all going somewhere else in a few months, but i know we'll always be friends.

i think if i had to choose one thing that scares me most about college, it's this:

i will never have these kind of amazing friends again. they've set the bar too high.

i love these girls, and i will never have these kind of amazing friends again.


Katie is my other best friend. We grew up together... literally.

i'm not sure which one of my birthdays this was, but there's katie at the far right, and me next to her(:

this girl is amazing. i love her sooo much. and we hang out A LOT. and we just get along so well... i don't even know. i just love this girl (:

and there you have it. i have been blessed to have the most wonderful friends anyone could possibly ask for. and i'm going to miss them when i leave for college. so much.

erica michelle


  1. I graduated from high school in 2004 and I still get together with my friends on holidays and whenever else I can. You won't see them every day, but moving away isn't the end! best of luck staying in touch with your best friends =)

  2. I feel the same way. Except I haven't known my best friends for quite as long as you