Saturday, December 1, 2012

jason reeves. all state. 1940. byu.

well hello there.

i suppose you might have noticed that i got a new url. yepp, sorta uncreative, but oh well (:
my next step is to make myself a button, BBBUUT i'm not that computer smart, so that's gonna wait until christmas break probably. because i'm dumb.

first of all. i'm sorry i haven't blogged very well lately. i'm sorry :(

second. i've fallen in love.

with jason reeves.

(i just googled jason reeves, most definitely not my picture.)

yeah. i love him. seriously. currently i'm obsessing over this song:

so that's that.

All state.

i made all state choir again. definitely excited... bbut, once again, i was the only one from my school, so i'm really really bummed about that. field trip for me and my choir teacher. yay yay. since i was in mixed choir last year, i'm going to be in women's this year. just so ya'll can appreciate how absolutely wonderful all state is, here is my favorite song from last year. i was in this choir, kay? i can't even believe i got the opportunity to sing with people this amazing. and the men. yay.

(the video starts out super quiet)

just a little side note, all state was the reason i decided i was in love with choir. high school choir, and even the other honor choirs i've been to, can't compare. all state is the best experience, musically,
 i've ever had!


so, for my photography project, i'm thinking i want to do something 1940. because i love 1940. duh. soooo i've sorta gone pinterest happy.


I finished my BYU application!!!

an old picture, but i still love it! "enter to learn, go forth to serve".

please byu, oh please accept me.

or i'm going to be very sad.

hmmmm, that's all for tonight!

Erica Michelle

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