Friday, December 28, 2012


so, thursday we went to ouray. ouray is a little tourist town about an hour away... and it's absolutely gorgeous. (just a note for this post and the others to come in the next two weeks... i don't have photoshop or bridge or anything... because i don't have any money at the current moment to purchase such items... so the pictures aren't overly-fantastic)

the original plan was to go snow shoeing (definitely a thing on my to-do list) but ryan has a cold and didn't feel up to that... so we went here instead(:

 box canyon falls! a super short "hike" (walk) and some stairs... then a beautiful view all along the way!

first, ouray is known for ice climbing... and we saw a lot of climbers (trust me, i never plan to be one, seems like the scariest thing a person could do.)

...those are some real icicles...

the gorgeous mountains:

and the hike into the falls:

it's a long way down...

and our family on the way out(:

then we went into town to get some hot chocolate (and i had the most delicious truffle known to mankind...)

AND my mom bought me a cookie cutter shaped like the united states. (seriously. it was $1.59).

and that, was just another day in my wonderful life(:

erica michelle


  1. These photos are beautiful! Love the blog sister!

    Love, The Skinnys

  2. My family used to visit Ouray all the time! My mom used to spend her summers in that little town. She describes living there like a country song. Haha.
    So I just found your blog & I love it!